Fluttering/Twitching in upper abdomen
by kristine9190, Dec 21, 2008
Hi Everyone, it has been a long time since I have been on, I guess that's good right? It means my symptoms have been good/managable. While they are not totally gone, I have continued my talk therapy and remain on 10mg of Lexapro daily. I do have a question though and I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this:

I often have this fast fluttering/twitching feeling in the middle of my upper abdomen, right at the base of my sternum. It doesn't go along with my heart beat and it isn't a throbbing pulsation, it is a quick fluttery, twitchy type feeling. I am only concerned because I read that it could be an aortic anuerysm, though the symptoms of that sound more pulsing, goes along with your heartbeat, but I am still a little nervous.

As I mention, my anxiety has not gone away, but it has become managable. I just wonder if this fst little twitch could be related to Generalized Anxiety.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!
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by RubyWitch, Dec 21, 2008
Welcome back..........well, I guess that's not always what people want to hear, is it? I'm glad you stopped back in.............that sounds a bit better!

If you are worried about an AA, it is a very quick, simple and painless test to check it out. They do tend to run in families, so ask around.
I get that same fluttery feeling quite a bit and it's related to my GERD. My gastroenterologist says it's my esophaogus (sp?) having spasms. Do you have any problems with reflux? Might be worth asking the docs when you get that AA checked out!
And it could be related to anxiety as many of us get fluttery feelings in our stomachs when anxious.
I have lots of ideas, but no answers, toots. You need your doc for that. I'm sure it's benign, whatever it is, and the simple fact you've been worried about it has only made it worse. Have a talk with your doc (sorry, I don't mean to write like Dr.Seuss) and you'll be just fine.
by kristine9190, Dec 22, 2008
Thank you for your post, I have had issues with reflux, but never enough to see a doctor about it, I usually just take a Prilosec or something. I am sure it is nothing, but will see my Dr for sure!

Thanks again, it is great knowing I have the support out there, it is always worth "stopping by".