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I had a very crazy dream! I don't know where else to turn.
But this is bothering me! Last night when i was asleep i had a dream that my husband and I had a small disagreement and we blew it out of proportion.

I walked out to get into my car and go for a small drive to cool off (but here is the thing I don't have a car just yet but we are shopping for one.  a man in real life yesterday had said there was a jeep that i could buy that had 111,000 miles on it in real life i see the number 111 and i swear i'm going to die November 11th at 1:11 in room 111.) any way back to the dream i went to get  in this jeep (which we didn't buy yet) to do a cool off drive and when i backed out i looked at the clock in the car it said 1:11. the leaves in on the trees are the color they turn in November.  before i took off a person yanked me out of my car and was screaming at me.  it was a woman asking where my friend was at and she was asking about a woman i never met before in my life.  I told her i didn't know where she was at and she pulled a gun out and pointed it to my head and started freaking out saying if i didn't tell her where she was at she would blow my brains out.  then this woman walks out from my house and yelled at the lady with a gun and told her to get off of me.

the two started to fight and before i knew it she had the gun in my "friends" mouth and i ran over to her and yanked it out she spun off of her to face me and placed the gun over my heart and shot me.
i remember in the dream the pain i felt i couldn't breathe i felt the sharp pain of the bullet rip thru my heart i placed my hands over my bullet wound and i could feel my warm blood run thru my fingers as if it really happened

I could remember thinking in my dream {what could have she done to make her so mad to want to kill her?} and i fell to the ground i saw my husband run out over to me and i said to him in my dream that i was sorry and i loved him and then i died in his arms i was watching him hold my dead body as he cried for me
as the dream went on i attended my own funeral i was holding my husbands hand as he cried for me once we were home i started talking to him in his dreams and once i got stronger i used his phone to talk to him and he could feel me holding him he knew i was still there he just couldn't see me
(before i go on with the dream let me tell you this. My father died and it didn't feel real to me until i saw his blood i told my husband in real life that when someone close to you dies and blood is involved it doesn't hit you until you see it ) so for some reason the hospital mailed my husband my clothes that i died in he opened the box and the 1st thing he saw was my shirt it was folded up to present the bullet hole the bullet made that killed me the shirt was drenched in my dried blood and my husband pressed the shirt to his face and started crying i help him close to me and he said i can feel you but i just wish i could see you and hear you once more when he said that i was being drawn away from him and i didn't want to go it hurt to much to leave him all i could think about was i was going to have to spend years waiting for him to come to me and it about killed me and sent him a txt saying i loved him and i will miss him and that i will be waiting for him to enjoy his life on earth wether i'm there or not and he just smiled and said i love you too baby and i woke up to a text message my husband sent me saying i love you too while i was sleeping i said i loved him...

"i know this was a long post and it drags on but i tried to shorten it for you like i said i didn't know where else to turn if anyone could enlighten me on the meaning of this dream or is it a warning"
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Personally, I don't put much stock in dreams. I think dreams are made out of all the thousands of feelings and thoughts we have each day. All the things we have seen and heard that we aren't even aware of. We are bombarded with so much in this day and age. We are media junkies and if we look for it and can't find it, don't worry, it will find us! Someone will text us with the latest horror story. Our own anxiety, insecurities, fears, loneliness, anger, hurt........those are all there in our subconcious. The latest movies you've watched, books you've read, newspaper headlines you can't help but read. Our minds are overloaded with stuff, good and bad. And so much of what is stuffed in there gets in subliminally. When we have a bad dream, our subconcious is like the mice who play while the cats away. It takes a little piece of this and a little piece of that and reshapes it into some pretty awful stories (dreams) that have virtually no basis in reality. Things are taken totally out of context. Events get cross-bred into extremely bizzare and unrecognizable situations.
Theories abound about WHY we dream and WHAT we dream about. You can pay somebody to tell you what your dreams are about. You can buy books that will help you interpret your dreams.
Some people have incredibly vivid dreams, in color, which they can remember frame by frame. I seldmon, if ever, remember my dreams. I usually just have a vague memory of having dreamed something but I have no idea what. Or if a small piece does happen to stay with me when I wake up, if I try to "catch it," it floats away like mist.

I would say that even though this dream obviously upset you and you don't understand it, my advice is to just let it go. It was a pretty bad dream, but that's ALL it was. a dream............just a big, freaky "thought-stew" of stuff that DIDN'T happen and isn't GOING to happen.

If you continue to have these kinds of nightmare dreams, if they begin to disrupt your sleep, see your doctor. I don't think it will come to that if you just put this one dream into perspective and then put it out of your head.
Sweet dreams
yeah you could be right but answer this tho about 7 yrs ago i had a dream that my step father was going to die from a heart attack and he said in the dream he only had 2 months to live then he started fading away my father was over weight he weighed 300 lbs weird thing is 2 month after having that dream he died not from a heart attack but from head trauma and stomach trauma because he wrecked on his motorcycle 9 months before that i had a dream that i was sitting next to my fathers dead body and talking to his ghost and he was telling me not to blame anyone this was a week before my father died and this was before i knew anything i didn't know he was going into surgery but he did and he didn't die from that its bcuz he got an infection from the surgery and was to scared to go back  so he died as well so if dreams have no meaning why did these dreams end up coming true when every i dream of someone dying they DIE! not they way i dreamed it up but they still died
We sleep so that our brains can re-set so to speak, and in doing this it gets rid of useless thoughts in our minds.  A Neurologist once told me that when in medical school if he and the other medical students didn't dream, they felt they weren't well rested.  As stated above our dreams are made up of everything that has happened or we have seen or thought about, etc.  You cannot put any emphasis on then.  So far only one person you dreamed about actually died, and you need to think back and try to remember if you were worried about your father due to his weight...this worry would have brought on the dream and it was just coincidence that he did die.  I know how vivid dreams can be and how they can linger, but we have to accept that it's only a dream.  Some medications can cause vivid, strange dreams so if you're taking any type of medication ask your doctor if this could be a side effect.  I think the mileage on the Jeep you were looking at brought the 111 into play in your dreams, Fall is coming hence the change in leaves.  You can make yourself crazy in trying to figure out dreams, it's all random stuff that truly means nothing.  Try to let the dream go, and if it continues to be a problem see your doctor.  Take care.
umm well i had a dream about both of my fathers my real on and my step dad my mother and sister and grandma all had dream about me dying all due to something with my heart... my mom dreamed that i got into a fight and someone stabbed me in my heart my grandma dreamed that i had heart failure and my sister dreamed that a blood clot passed thru my heart and killed me all in the same week i had this dream
While all those coinscidences might seem scary, that's all they are, hon.  You're putting too much meaning behind this.  Anyone would be freaked out to dream someone died and then have them die in real life....but it was just chance...that's all....all the details were wrong anyway.

Go back and read lydia's's explains, wonderfully...what makes up our dreams.  The more you worry about this, the more stressed you will be, the more dreams you will have...see how it works?

The dream you had actually makes perfect sense compared to what you had going on in real just was "dramatized" a bit differently.  The car is very significant in your dream, because you were thinking about the car you were maybe going to buy.

I understand how this would frighten you...but you've spent too much time on it already.  Plus, put it this way...IF you are seeing into the future...IF your fate states you will die on 11/11, what are you going to do about it?  You can't go through life waiting for something bad to happen,..especially death.  When it's time, it's time....and that's the case for everyone.

I also agree with lydia that if the dreams continue, you should see your doc about it...copuld be med related, could be an increased anxiety that needs addressed.  Sleep is one of the most important things we have to keep us healthy and happy.  Trust me, I know.  I'm a horrible insomniac, and because I rarely get a decent amount or good quality of sleep, I feel cruddy, run down a LOT.

Try not to give it anymore power than you already have.
I'm done thinking about it just a little weird we all had a weird dream about me dying due to something wrong with my heart and i never found their dreams out until i told them the dream so yeah plus the dream could mean something else to i believe that dreams are signs from God or a sign from and for anything i'm not saying i see into the future its just a lot of my dreams have come true sometimes i didn't understand my dreams or what they were telling me until it happened Dreams can me just you trying to tell yourself to be careful or to be aware or give you a sign or to tell you that you need to think more about dah dah dah dah dah then what you are and thats what i believe i think that Me being shot in the heart or stabbed or a heart attack or blood clot is just because my mother grandmother and sister and i are all afraid my husband will break my heart again like he did once before and you are right if its a sign that i am going to die Nov 1st or Jan 11th then i don't want to know because id spend my remaining time worrying about it instead of enjoying life  thank you all for you input even tho this isn't the best place for it you all had very valid points :D
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