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Head heaviness/pressure/aches, tired muscles on the left side, is this ...
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Head heaviness/pressure/aches, tired muscles on the left side, is this all anxiety?

Hi all,

I've been having a mix of symptoms for the last 4 weeks and I wanted to share these with you and hopefully find some comfort in other people's experiences.

First of all it started when I had some chest pain on the left side. As the day wore on I was still very aware of it. By the evening I had convinced myself it was a heart problem, at this point my breathing became very rapid as I felt I couldn't get any air, I believe I then had a panic attack and it took a while to calm myself down.

A few days after this I started to notice I had pressure headaches along with some dizziness when standing and walking (more a lightheaded feeling than actually spinning). I also had another panic attack when on a train as I smelt toast, which I've always associated with having a stroke (I'm not sure why) so then I thought 'is this it?' again, it took a few minutes but I calmed myself down in the end.

A week after this I started to feel some tingling in my left arm. A few days after that, I started to feel some tingling in my left leg. A few days on from this, it now feels like my left arm and left leg muscles are constantly tired and therefore I opt to use my right arm and leg as much as I can to alleviate the tiredness on the left side.

My chest pain has subsided after I got it into my head that it was muscle pain and took some gastro pills (as the doc believe I had some excess acid affecting my trachea). I also had multiple blood pressure tests, a couple of ECGs and a chest xray so I think this helped to tell myself that I was okay.

It's been about 3 and a half weeks of having a constant headache/head pressure. Sometimes it's mostly on the top of my head, at other times it's mostly across my forehead and behind my eyes. The doc said I could have sinusitis but I don't really buy into that. I've convinced myself I either have a brain tumour or MS, or at least something is 'not right' with my brain. If I shake my head from left to right I can feel the pressure 'shift' from the left side to the right side and vicea versa, I'm not sure if that's normal!

It's been about a week and a half with the tingly/heavy left arm and left leg. On the odd occassion I have woken up and my left arm will be numb.

In the last few days I've started to notice the floaters in my eyes more and feel as if I now have a few more. I had an eye test last week and everything was fine, but the floaters are really annoying me as I seem to notice them all the time. Is that just anxiety the fact that I'm so aware of them?

Has anyone had similar experiences? I'm trying my best not to worry but it's always in the back of my mind, I guess that may explain why I still have symptoms and can't get any relief? I feel as though I need to get a brain scan. Once I have that, if everything is okay, I think I'll also be okay - just like the ECG and chest xray proved my heart was fine. Of course if there is something wrong, at least I can start treating it and coming to terms with it sooner rather than later.

I live in the UK and don't have private health care, could someone tell me what my options are? My doc is in the process of referring me to a neurologist, but he said this can take weeks-months. I don't want to have to wait that long to get my closure. Is there a way I can pay for it without private health care? Or some other means of getting seen quicker? I don't feel like I can more on from this feeling and constant dread every day without that.

Any help on my symptoms, as well as advice regarding the scan would be fantastic. Thanks!
I definitely think you need to see a neurologist. I wish I could help, but ive never experienced this. I do think you need to take it seriously and get it checked out. Good luck. I hope you get to feeling better and everything turns out well
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