Head rush when falling asleep?
by NeMH, Oct 03, 2008
Ok...ive had this sypmtom for a while but I never really posted about it and it had gone away but has just come back so here goes:

Basically sometimes I will get extremely tired and when I lay down to go sleep....just as I am about to "drop off" I would get a huge headrush that would start in the head but proceed all through my body.

Sometimes it feels like an adrenalin rush, sometimes like a postural hypotension head rush and other times completely different. And obviously it sort of jolts me awake....I usually get it 2-3 times before I get used to it and then eventually sleep. Or if its during the day I would usually wake and then continue feeling light-headed for the rest of the day. This used to happen almost every other day a year ago...but recently its like once a month.

I am 20, average weight, not on any meds, non-smoker, non-drinker, non caffiene-drinker, non-drug taker. I dont take much exercise at the moment. And thats about it. ps: Im asking because I just had one of the worst "rushes" so wanted some reassurance.


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by margypops, Oct 03, 2008
Are you eating well, sometimes low blood sugar(not Diabetes) can make you feel light headed, do you eat enough , or are you allergic to anything, if this happens mostly at night check out what you do in the evenings before bed, as you dont take Meds its not that, but do you take supplements as some herbal ones can do that and also Vitamins if you are taking high doses, supplements are good however make sure you are taking the Dose directed on the bottle.
by NeMH, Oct 04, 2008
No its none of that. Plus I dont just get it at night...I get in whenever I try to drop off it morning, mid-day or at night. And I have a home blood glucose monitor so Its not connected to that.

***** doesnt it? :(
by OmniDream, Oct 29, 2008
I get this as well.. i am 21...the only conclusion I come up with is I don't get enough sleep!!!!!! You have to get really tired, don't take a nap, and wait till night and youll sleep right through only happens when i don't get enough sleep and i dose to take a lil thinking my body wants to rest full but subconsciously I know I have to be awake and it effs with my head...I have some Vivid intense dream/hallucinations!!! I had one today and it freakin hurt! Im going on about5 hours of sleep the past 2 days...thats whats up...sleep paralysis! Blessing an Curse...kinda like it sometimes ha
by Butterfly1983, Nov 27, 2008
I am so thankful that you get those, too! I mean, not really, but that means that I am not alone!!!! I have had anxiety for one year, and it developed into panic attacks, too; Every now and then (about one full week out of every month or more sometimes) I start to fall asleep, and then I'll get the feeling like a stroke; My energy will rush to my head and put pressure on my arteries in sides and back of neck; my arteries will actually feel like they are 'burning' and I will then get energy surges and nervousness running through my whole body, like my whole body is a tremor!!!! THEN, my nerves in my brain will spasm; sometimes I feel pressure in center of brain and pressure on my forehead!!!! I feel nervous tension in my neck and head the whole next day, and I feel like my head feels like it weighs 40 pounds!!!! I feel nerve pain the next day, too; when I get these rushes, I feel my heart pounding in my head, too, and my pulse is very irregular and it feels like my heart is weakened and just struggles to keep going!!!! Do you get any of that, too? I am praying that we'll find a cure! My email address is Changa_Sun***@****, maybe we can also swap phone numbers if you want to talk by phone; maybe that will help both of us to share our symptoms with each other!!!! Oh, by the way, I am Chelsea. I am only 25, which worries me because I am TOO YOUNG TO DIE from this!!!! I am just praying that nothing is life-threatening, because it REALLY takes a tole on my whole system WHEN and AFTER this happens; it is like I am fatigued in the morning, like I can't even get out of bed or my pulse races and seems like it struggles to keep going!!!! If you solve this problem, I am praying that you'll share it with me! I go to a natural doctor, who has tried treating me for anxiety and panic; even he is stumped, but he says that my Vagus nerve is being over stimulated; he also says it can either be a magnesium deficiency (which would suggest a pituitary gland problem) or an adrenal gland problem (I think it may be adrenals because I've been overloading on magnesium every day like he told me to, and it has done absolutely nothing, practically!!!!) Well, please contact me either way; I am curious to hear all of your symptoms and compare them with mine!!!! Thank you for posting this; I feel better just knowing that I am not alone in this:)
by clair33, Nov 28, 2008
Hi I have been getting head rushes for 17 years and they have recently been getting a lot worse, for the past couple of months  along with strange noises in my head (it feels like it is going to explode) my arms and legs are flinging in the air.  I have seen my doctor several times over the years and I have been told it is due to stress (which I don`t think I really am) or insomnia and I have been prescribed sleeping tablets, nothing has helped whatsoever.

Butterfly1983  don`t panic your not going to die, as I have said I have been getting these for over 17 years and i`m not dead yet, but I know it really feels like it.

For years it I have been trying to explain to family and friends about these head rushes and not able to explain it properly, but you both seem to be experiencing the same things I am, and it feels like a relief really that i`m not mad.

If you have any solutions or any way to ease them or talk about them at all please do!  I feel quite excited that others are experiencing this  

by sirjoseph, Feb 12, 2009
hi i get that too - where if i get sleepy in the middle of the day, instead of dozing off for a nap i zone out then jerk awake and get dizziness and rapid heartbeat that lasts a long time. at night, sometimes i will get a head rush or what feels like an adrenaline / dizziness rush that will keep me awake. these often lead into panic attacks. this worries me because along with that i have sinus symptoms, post nasal drip, eustachian tube dysfunction and chronic dizziness anyway. i also get weird head rushes that last for several seconds that seemed to be focused on my sinuses. it's probably all related, the dizziness/anxiety/head rushes, in some way, but its really spooky and i went to a doctor about 3 weeks ago who told me i had rhinitis. im on a nasal steroid and a pill and while i have noticed some improvement, i still get some spooky dizzy spells. i wish i could get a complete exam all at once. im sure something would show up then, instead of doctors taking little steps at a time that seem to go nowhere. if anybody wants to talk about it with me, id be happy to chat with you. just send me a message.
by danielaa, Apr 17, 2009
I get this too....I can be months without it and then it returns for a week at a time.  Its such a weird feeling.  As i'm about to fall asleep at the very beginning I get this adrenaline rush through my body.  It feels like dizziness, heart palpitation as if your leaving your body......very strange.  It happens for a few hours till I get so exhausted that I finally fall asleep.  I really hate this feeling.
by swanny47, May 01, 2009
I get similar symptoms too, It usually starts with a feeling that I'm breathing in warm air and just as I am about to drop off I get a strange rush that causes me to draw air in quickly, sometimes I feel it coming and I do it slowly, but other times it jolts me right up and I suck air in quickly, like I'm running out of breath, last night it happened and it took me 3 breaths of air before I actually had a good breath. It scares me alot and other symptoms are chest pains, usually above my left pec, it can travel nearer to my heart and that worries me, but I have had ECG's and my heart seems to be fine, I have had anxiety, and used to smoke alot of cannabis so I thought it was my synapses not firing properly,I have no real idea what it is but im glad im not the only one who experiences this, its such a strange thing to experience, hopefully we can gather evidence together and find a cure. I also thought it might be something spiritual, some sort of glitch during the transfer from the waking world into the dream world. God knows!!
by nursemurray, May 12, 2009
join me to your club, i have had this since my teens and still get it randomly. feels like an adrenaline rush going to my head just as i fall asleep then i cant sleep as i start getting feelings of doom! always get to sleep in the end tho. had been feeling rather strange few days earlier but didnt think anything of it. might start keeping a diary of when it happens. think its probo stress/anxiety related tbh but its not a nice experience regardless.