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Help with anxiety

Ok i think i'm going crazy

Can u tell me if this is anxiety or  im realy sick every morning i wake up fine, as of 2-3 pm i feel all my bones, muscles hert, i feel weak at around 5pm i feel stabing all over my body back pains, hands burn, feet burn only on my left side
It all started last year i did something very rong, i feel guilty and scared i'm 36 years old can u help
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I don't no if this will help!! I have panic attacks and anxiety really bad. I have had this for 7 years and not getting any better but I do no this is the most common feelings.

Intense terror
Dizziness,feeling faint
Hot and cold flashes
Fear of going crazy
Feelings that nothing is real
Chest pain and palpitations(irregular heart)
Smothering,choking sensations(feelings)
Feelings of impending doom and that Death is near
Tingling of extremities(arms/hands and legs/feet)and this could be from over breathing
Im trying to help and trust me I feel like this everyday and Im sceard all the time!! Just tell your doctor what you are feeling and see!! You will be OK!!!!
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Hi there,
I get the feeling that because you did this something wrong that you have been in a constant state of fear ever since. If this is the case then what you have been doing to yourself through the constant tension your body is under will eventually show itself through the symptoms you have described.
I to have had some of these symptoms along with a few others because of the health anxiety I suffer from and one that you might being falling into as well if you don't find someway of forgiving yourself for the thing you did wrong and let your body be able to relax again.
I suggest that you see your doctor for the symptoms just to make sure it is nothing more, but if he says or any tests come back not showing anything then you HAVE to believe that you are ok and these are signs of anxiety.
My pysch told me that anxiety can mimis just about every disease known to man. The mind is very powerful. But you have the power to control your own thoughts.
I can suggest a vey good web site and a very good book for your to read so that you can educate yourself and understand what anxiety can do to your body. It is this understanding that is of the utmost importance for you or anyone to gain before you can start on the road to recovery. There is no quick fix for long term anxiety.
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Palpitations are short, abrupt periods in which the heart suddenly starts beating fast. If you’re in a sensitive state, this can ring alarm bells because you fear a sudden heart attack. The more you panic, the faster the heart beats. It’s therefore understandable why many people in this situation jump to conclusions and call for medical help. What you have to remember is that palpitations are perfectly natural and can often be caused by exhaustion or stimulants like caffeine. Your heart is an incredibly strong muscle, and it won’t stop or explode simply because it’s beating hard and fast. A healthy heart can beat fast all day long and not be in any danger.

Missed Heartbeats

The medical term for missed heartbeats is extrasystoles. A missed heartbeat is usually an extra beat between two normal beats. Given the pause that follows this premature beat, it just seems as if one beat was missed. And because the heart’s lower chambers fill with a greater-than-usual amount of blood during the pause, the next regular heartbeat can feel like a bit of a jolt. When you feel this sensation, you often freeze and wait in terror to see if your heart is in trouble.

Such missed beats are generally harmless. It can help to sit down when you feel this sensation, but if you wish to keep moving, do so. Exercise won’t cause the situation to get worse, and don’t convince yourself that going home to lie down is the only way to help the situation. If you retreat every time you feel an unusual sensation, that behavior can reinforce a negative idea that your home is the only safe place to be. Our hearts are not atomic clocks that always keep time; they speed up, slow down, or occasionally beat in an irregular fashion. People with anxiety are very keen observers of all bodily functions. From time to time, you may notice an irregular beat or two. This is nothing to get upset about.

Sometimes, individuals go through similar worries about their heart as they do with their breathing. People convince themselves that if they worry enough about their heart, or concentrate too much upon its actions, it may somehow get confused and forget how to beat correctly. It’s quite common for people who suffer from panic attacks to check in on their heart at regular intervals to make sure it’s still beating away.

If you simply can’t stop obsessing about your heart, here are some tips:

• Get a full medical examination. If you don’t, your mind will always bring up the “what if something really is wrong” card. When you get a clean bill of health, trust in the results and don’t second-guess them. If you really must, get a second opinion—but after that, stop doubting your good health.

• Remember that your body has incredible internal intelligence. Simply telling your heart, out of panic, that it might stop doesn’t mean that it heeds your fears. Learn to become more comfortable with your heart, and let it do its job. Listen to it when you’re relaxed and also when you’re exercising. The more comfortable you are with the diversity and range of your heartbeats, the more confidence you’ll have in it.

• Allow your heart to beat in whatever rhythm it sees fit. Don’t try to control the natural rhythms of your body by always insisting on a calm heartbeat. The more you allow your body to flow in the manner it so chooses, the faster it will return to a state of rest.

Very often, your heart only wants to palpitate a bit, thump a few beats harder. Why? That’s the heart’s own business. It’s your mind that interferes and panics, causing the adrenaline to kick off a longer cycle of rapid heartbeats. So from now on, make a verbal agreement with your heart that you’re going to stop interfering and obsessing over its health and trust in it 100 percent. Then hand over the controls. Let go to whatever way your heart wishes to behave. By allowing the sensations to happen and simply getting on with your day, you release the anxiety that you hold around your heart as well as the cautious monitoring of every heartbeat.
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Hi Ive been living with anxiety and panic attacks for about 5 years and im only 15 ive really just learned to deal with it what ive done is tricked myself  ive told myself that like i dunno a bad habit is making me have the anxiety and panic attacks ans so if i quit the habit i tell myself i cant have the panic attack ive found that this works very well believe me they used to get to me a lot but now that ive kind of learned to control them they happen less often i just want to say i know how you all feel and you all can make it through it you run your body not these panic attacks and anxiety you all think its scarry for you think of how it was for a 10 year old boy(me) now 15 still living with it and havnt told anyone cause all this time  i thought i was going crazy and didnt want anyone to see me any different than who i am i havnt even told my parents so think oh how hard it is keeping it all inside but you keep it all inside for to lonf it will keep pileing up until you burst well yall just remember if i can do it yall can to.
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