How long do YOUR panic attacks last and what was your longest you have timed??
by MayMayMeemers, Jan 17, 2011
mine tonight have been on going since 8:00pm and it is now 10:07
usually they go away after 10mins but tonight I can't stop being a worry wart!
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by mammo, Jan 17, 2011
It sounds like your actual panic attack is over, but you're still upset over it.  The panic attack itself never lasts this long, but it can leave us feeling pretty scared and nervous.
Just remember it a natural response coming at the wrong time, and the actual "attack" is just our body's way of trying to handle all the extra adrenaline we were just hit with, but they are not dangerous and always pass.  Keeping yourself active both physically and mentally after one can help with this, you don't want to dwell on what just happened.
Exercise helps with anxiety, and I'm sure you're aware of the benefits of therapy.  I wish you the best and take care.
by Alisonj29, Jan 17, 2011
The actual attack itself for me last about 20-30 minutes but the anxiety from the attack lasts for hours afterwards. I find them exhausting and I dont feel at all like myself sometimes even for a day. I agree with mammo regarding the exercise, it can make a world of difference.
Good Luck
by MayMayMeemers, Jan 17, 2011
yeah, that is what I timed this one at..about 30mins. I woke up tired, I have a horrid headache that wont go away, feels like pressure behind the eyes and sinus pressure and I am just drained...ugh no advil that I can take...this ***** I honestly feel like I was out drinking all night long
by Alisonj29, Jan 17, 2011
Maybe you are coming down with a cold?
by homebrews, Jan 17, 2011
I think the real answer depends on how long it takes you to recognize it as a panic attack.  I remember my first one when I had no idea what was wrong.  It lasted over an hour.  When I educated myself on what caused the panic attacks, I can circumvent them when I just become anxious about something by taking a xanax.  

The thing that has been hitting me the hardest has been the depression and feeling of worthlessness that comes from anxiety prohibiting you from doing some of the basic stuff that came easy before.  That may be what you're feeling after the adrenaline subsides.
by MayMayMeemers, Jan 17, 2011
I know they are panic is just hard once the physical symptoms happen to control them...easier said then done you know?

doesn't help my boyfriend walks in the door and automatically starts yelling and causing me to get upset and angry too...I donot have panic attacks when he is gone...they seem to be when he gets home lately so I am assuming his dead beat *** is the reason
by MayMayMeemers, Jan 17, 2011
and that is not why I posted this..I wanted to hear others length of Panic attacks not about my own. ;)

I have had Panic attacks since I was 10yrs old I know what they are and how to deal with them.
by mommyoffive0529, Jan 17, 2011
funny you shoulds say that about the face pain and eye pressure cause all i kept thinking today was that i had a sinus infection that was gunna kill me.... this has been about 5 weeks already since this started ever since my Dad died...i hope it subsides..i feel like 34  and this has never happened to me before...I also just went through opiate withdrawals ..been clean 23 days but i feel like hell
by xxmaweeexx, Jan 18, 2011
Mines last quite a while... Cause I couldn't calm myself down, one lasted 3-4 hours before I was close to passing out! But the anxiety is always there for me! It's horrid and exhausting I no it's easy to say but just saying ( and believing- you must believe) that it's just a panic attack and it won't harm u x