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MS and anxiety

I have suffered from anxiety on and off for several years now. My doctor finally gave me some xanax when my panic attacks got really bad but I havent had to take any. That was earlier this year. This summer was quite hectic what with my sister's wedding and another family wedding, tons of birthday parties and family events. My anxiety was pretty much non existent until this past couple of weeks when I again started to not feel right physically.On and off throughout the years, I have experienced joint pain or soreness, especially in my shoulder joints. My arms always feel tired like I was carrying heavy stuff around all day. Sometimes I relate the feeling to having someone cut the circulation off my arms. This is a typical symptom when I am under heavy work stress. Somewhere around middle of the day I will start to feel incredibly fatigued and start to experience a lot of leg pain as well that starts in my lower back. My legs and feet always feel tight and swollen even though they actually aren't. I have a lot of muscle aches especially in my arms and legs.By the time I crawl into bed, I feel so exhausted. Since yesterday I have also been having the pins and needles sensations in both my arms,wrists and hands and had joint pain in wrists, shoulders, knees and ankles. I've experienced this before as I've mentioned. I had 2 neuro consults last year becuase I also had numbness in my fingers. In addition, I also had one of those tests for carpal tunnel. All my tests and consults have come back clean. A couple of times now I have expereinced a vibration sensation on the bottom of my feet. It doesnt last long. Up until reecntly I was feeling great. I think having such an active summer took the focus off of me and "health" issues. I also had a UTI that I tried to flush out by drinking lots of water and cranberry juice. After a week, I finally gave up and went to urgent care this past Sunday morning, I have since finished the 3 day prescription of Cipro but I dont think my infection has cleared up completely.

I usually diagnose myself with MS at least twice, maybe 3 times a year. My doctor has gotten to the point that he relates everything to anxiety. Does anyone else ever feel these symptoms as well? Given that they come and go for periods at a time, is there an actual cause for concern this time?
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Wow! That's quite the grocery list of symptoms!
I'm seriously not making fun of you.....I know only too well how NOT funny these feelings are!
I'm not going to take each of your symptoms and attempt to offer an opinion on them. I will say that anxiety can create almost 100% of them. You've had two neuro consults, and if anyone had reason to suspect MS, it would be your neuro and he'd have your head in the MRI machine right now. You must lose the MS theory, sorry, but it's a "no go!"
Your UTI cannot be a factor in your other symptoms..........too recent. On that subject, if you feel as if you still have the UTI, your doc should retest you. You may just need another round of meds and while Cipro seems to be the drug of choice for most docs treating UTI's...........there ARE other meds out there. Just a wee factoid.
Your doc gave you Xanax for panic attacks, but you've never taken any..........may I ask why? If he diagnosed you with panic DISORDER, please discuss with him prescribing a different med than Xanax! Far, far better you get on a LONG TERM benzo such as Klonopin............which I name not out of endorsement but merely b/c it is the more common. (And safer choice in my book)

As to the plethora of symptoms you've presented to us here, my humble advice would be to find a different doctor who will listen to you and take what you are saying seriously. That your doc now simply puts everything down to anxiety is disturbingly unprofessioanl in my opinion. And it may very well all turn out to be anxiety, but I think you deserve the courtesy of a more thourough work up than what you've apparently received. I saw no mention of blood work or an MRI or EKGs or other tests too numerous to mention that a more careful doctor would possibly order for you to rule out other things besides carpel tunnel. (I think that was a run on sentence, sorry!) to your fianl question asking if there is cause for concern at this time, not being a doctor, I can't tell you that for sure. I know if it was ME and I had all the symptons you have, MY butt would be at my doctors and I wouldn't leave until each and every symptom had been poked, prodded and explained.
Seems your only other option is to continue freaking out.............
Please let us know what your new doc finds, or more likely, doesn't.
Thanks for your feedback. I have had numerous tests done over the years...the most recent being an EKG in March when I had an episode of high blood pressure. I had been having chest pains a few days prior and one Friday at work, I went to the gym and had my BP taken. It was through the ROOF. That prompted me to have a meltdown and I had a major panic attack while I was at work. I did rush to the ER but by then my bp was almost normal. It took a couple of months to completely go back to normal but at the  last 3 doctor visits my bp has been normal every time. I have also had a heart unltrasound and that one day test with the heart monitor. Every single test I have ever taken has been normal. I requested blood work in May because Im gettign older and thought it would be a good idea anyway. I'm not sure what exactly gets tested when the doctor requests blood work. The only bad news was my cholesterol was borderline.

The reason I never took the xanax was becuase around the time of my bp episodes, I joined a gym and started to work out. Amazingly, that did help tremendously. I didnt feel so stressed out and I started to feel better all around-mentally and physically. Of course, now that the weddings are over and done with, I barely make it to the gym at all. Once or twice a month if I'm motivated enough.

last year I complained enough about the numbness in my fingers and the pins and needles sensations that he finally referred me to a neurologist. I saw her twice, once at the first referral and then I called her on my own a second time about 4 months later when I was again freaking out over some symptom, probably because I had convinced myself that it was MS again. Amazingly, once i get to the doctor-whomever it may be-I usually end up feeling stupid for even being there in the first place. My first choice for a consult though is usually Google which is one scary place to visit when you're worried about your symptoms. But I have never had an MRI. I was going to a chiropractor last year mostly because of neck and back pain and I admit, I did start to feel better. The neurologist only gave me a neuro exam-stand one foot, touch your nose, that kind of thing.

I did call the doc about my lingering UTI and I still have not received a call back. Maybe it is time for a new doctor. Thanks for listening.
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