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Needing help for health issues/health anxiety
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Needing help for health issues/health anxiety

Hi there,

This will probably be long, sorry in advance!!! I'm a 19-yr-old female and posting here because I'm running all out of options or people to go to for my health anxiety -- this started around January and has progressed to the point that it's taken over my life.

Around January, I first experienced heart palpitations, pain in my left arm and chest pain over a couple weeks, so I went to the ER and was treated for acid reflux. My palpitations continued and 2 or 3 months ago went back to the ER for some bad ones, and the doctors monitored me and said I was fine. So by this time (in between my first and second visit), I had several EKGs, echocardiogram, stress test, chest X-ray and have worn a heart monitor, and my heart looks okay.
By that couple of months ago, I stopped focusing on my heart and was starting to get general shooting/dull pain in my arms and legs, headaches and chest pains. From what I can remember of this time frame, the pain felt generally all over and had different sensations and I started thinking maybe it was fibromyalgia, nerve damage, stress, etc, and just lived with it day-to-day.

But within the past few weeks, my worries AND pain got much more intense and specific:
*First, I was afraid of a blood clot because I have a spot on my knee along with leg and chest pain. I went to the ER and they tested my blood, urine and EKG (all fine) and gave me Prednisone. A few days later I had very sharp chest pain, became scared it was a pulmonary embolism and went back to the ER (they ran the same tests and found nothing). My doctor said Prednisone can make acid reflux worse, and when I stopped the Prednisone that specific type of chest pain mostly went away (but am still having other chest pains).
*I also developed weakness of my left leg/arm, and a few nights ago my left pinky and ring finger became suddenly so weak that it was clumsy for a couple days, and the weakness comes and goes; my L ring finger feels crooked and is uncomfortable to my L pinky now. This made me fear a brain tumor (because of headaches, face pain and sensitive vision) or MS/ALS/muscular dystrophy (because of burning pains, twitching that began about 2 weeks ago, and discovered my right foot is bigger -- the twitching is scaring me).
*Within the past few days, I have also been feeling sharp lines of pain in/around my left boob, earaches, nausea, constipation and horrible pains in my side, "buzzing" spots, itchy splotches/bumps on my feet, and more... you name it, I've panicked over it!

My fears that I feel can explain my symptoms are a blood clot, muscle disease, tumor or cancer, some kind of infection, hiatal hernia, etc... I've considered them all and currently am on the verge of truly believing I have some kind of muscular dystrophy or brain tumor, and am out of control -- I'm trying to keep myself from going to the ER right now.

Since January, it seems like my symptoms have progressed from anxiety-explained things to several possible terminal illnesses that I've convinced myself of. I know I may sound ridiculous but these symptoms are real to me, and I just wanna get my head on straight! I'm currently missing a much-anticipated concert because of my feelings of impending doom and symptoms, and I just really need some help and guidance.

Can health anxiety cause REAL symptoms like these? And where do I go from here? I'm scheduled for an EMG of my arms in 2 days, but I would love to know what steps to take for both my physical issues and my health anxiety.

Thanks SO MUCH for reading this, I'm sorry it's so long(!!!!!), and at very least it helps to know I'm not alone!
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