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Question about cholesterol
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Question about cholesterol

I posted this over on the "cholesterol" board, but nobody has responded yet..looks like it is a slow board, so I wondered if you all could possibly shed any light over here.  Here is my post from that board:

Hi all.  I am female, just turned 37 this month.  5'3", 211 lbs.  (I am currently losing weight am down almost 20 pounds right now.)  About a month ago Walgreen's "well bus" came through our town and I had a little screening done.  My total cholesterol was 224.  They do not do the break down.  I was also not fasting.  THis morning I went and had a screening done and have the totals for all and would like some feedback, please.

Total cholesterol: 192
LDL: 112
HDL: 47
Triglycerides 166
TC/HDL ratio: 4.1

I know just from the little bit that I have googled that the hdl/tc ratio is important, along with the hdl/triglycerides ratio.  I am on med help because I suffer from anxiety, and part of my anxiety is health having this blood work done was a big step in the right direction for me. Now I am a little anxious about the results.  I know my total being under 200 is good, but I don't think my break down is especially good, especially my hdl being 47 and my triglycerides being that high.  I have the results, but haven't talked with my doctor yet...I will see him next week.  I have never, to my knowledge, had any cholesterol testing done, so I wonder if I should be freaking out at the results of this.  From what I have read high triglycerides and low hdl ups your risk factors for heart attack.  


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Your numbers don't add up.  See your doctor and get a physical, part of it will be blood work that will give you a cholesterol level you can discuss with your regular physician.  Or else you printed this out wrong, since your triglycerides are so high.  You do see these numbers don't seem to add up to 192, right?  The big question is, what's your diet like?  Triglycerides come mainly, though not exclusively, from eating a lot of hydrogenated vegetable oil, but fewer products are being made with that.  So as I said, either discuss this with whoever gave you this test or get a physical so you'll have a doctor you can discuss this with.  By the way, raising HDL is pretty easy, you just take fish oil or eat more fatty fish or you eat hemp seed oil or you eat flax seeds and flax seed oil supplements.  But the only real worrisome thing here is the triglycerides and the fact the numbers don't appear, at least how you've written them, to add up.
The vldl was 33 so u take that and ad the ldl and hdl and that gives total. I was just givig what i was told was most important numbers. :)
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