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Rapid Heartbeat in the morning
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Rapid Heartbeat in the morning

When I first wake up in the morning and I just lay there or even sit there, my heart beats normally.  However, when I get up and walk to the shower and while standing in the shower, my heart beats very very fast.  It really starts my day off badly even when I get to work and my heart has come back to normal, it starts me off on a really bad foot.

Is something like this normal?  I do tend to hold my breath and feel my pulse constantly in the shower.  Could that add to it?

I've been to the doctor twice and he says my heart is fine, but when I'm there I'm always relaxed.  Please tell me what you think?

Thanks for the help.
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Have you ever had palpitations, or other heart-related sensations before this?  It very well could be anxiety, but if you haven't already, I would recommend a more thorough check-up just to rule out any issue, even a benign one.  Your doc can order testing, ,or even refer you to a cardiologist if he/she deems necessary.

A few tests that could give you the clean bill of health with your heart are an EKG (looks at the electrical function of the heart), an Echocardiogram (ultrasound that allows the doc to actually SEE the heart and its parts..chambers, valves, etc), and probably most valuable in these cases would be a 24 hour Holter Monitor.  A Holter is a portable EKG that you wear that can record all of the heart's activities, which is useful because a one-time EKG wouldn't be helpful if you're not having one of these episodes of tachycardia at the time of the EKG.  Also, with the Holter, you keep track of your activities with a journal, especially during symptomatic periods, which is very useful in figuring out a cause, if there is one.

Once you've ruled anything cardiac out, then it would be a good idea to address anxiety as a possible culprit.  Anxiety can cause these kinds of symptoms.  Very commonly actually!

Let us know...good luck!
Thanks for the response.  I've never noticed this until recently since I've been having all these anxiety and panic attacks.  Can you develop these kinds of problems out of no where?

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