Scared to sleep
by MrsUseless, Oct 24, 2007
Why am I so scared to sleep? its like everytime i start to get tired I get scared to sleep...I think Im going to die in my sleep.  HELP.
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by kimmi3333, Oct 24, 2007
i am like that are you on any meds?i have to take mine that one of my anxietys and it sucks.what do u do to help you go to sleep?
by bonkers74, Oct 25, 2007
I have the same fears!! I have to take xanax to make it go away. Do you have rapid heart beats or any other symptoms if so it could be panic attacks! Have you been under stress?
P.S you are not useless
by terip_, Oct 26, 2007
i also used to have this but i just trie to do something real boring like reading the dictionary to make me super tired and then my body felt to weak to even freak out so i finally fell to sleep
by CharityP, Oct 27, 2007
Oh yes, I have this too! Not all the time, but I know how scary it is.  What usually works for me is to think of something else....I will close my eyes and think of some project I need to do around the house.  Like I'll think about painting the living room and rearranging the furniture. It will keep my mind busy, trying to decide what color would look best on the walls, how the furniture should go, etc and usually I'll fall asleep while thinking about it. ;)

by GRAMPSSMILEY, Apr 28, 2008
hello there,
is this sleeping problem your speaking of  LIKE WAKING UP UPON DOZING WITH YOUR HEART AS THOUGH IT STOPPED? i can talk on phoe read bible or? laying there but as soon as im dozing off i wake up like my heart stopped & re-started, i can feel it pumping, it goes really FAST then REALLY SLOW. all night i fight my sleep until like 6 am then i just fall asleep as normal. IT is SO SCARY. I am SO WORRIED.
i was in the er. with my mom one night & asked the Dr. she said its Anxiety.. Do you have anxiety? I am really worried....thanks & God Bless.
by sumihari, Apr 28, 2008

Try to think back when you first had the fear of sleeping. What happened, did you have palpitations before sleeping - this could mean you were anxious and haven't done your relaxation before going to sleep . Did you find yourself woken up by palpitations - this could be a panic attack during sleep - you may have had a nightmare.

Did you wake up because you couldn't breathe - this could mean sleep apnea or some side effects from any medication you may be taking which may be supressing your breathing . Some sleep aids can really cause breathing problems.

I suspect one of these above may have triggered a fear and now you are anxious falling asleep which is understandable. So see whether you can trace the origins , it may help overcome the problem you are facing. You may wish to consult a sleep specialist if you need extra help.

Hope this helps.

by lonewolf07, Apr 28, 2008
There have been times when I feel myself falling asleep - and that's what it feels like FALLING asleep - when my rational mind says "everything is slowing down because that is what happens when you go to sleep" but my anxiety-filled self says "no, you're dying" which is how I interpret what you have said.  Sometimes the fear of sleeping lasts for a week or even longer.  My shrink won't give me sleeping pills and during these "episodes" I am too afraid to even take a minor tranquillizer or OTC headache meds.  It can be devestating.

I don't know of any way to alleviate this except for talking to my shrink or other people  about it.  Eventually the "rational" part will emerge and tell you that you are not going to die.  Don't know if it's any help or not but I watch TV a lot during these "episodes" and sleep if someone is around to keep an eye on me .... just in case.  It makes me feel somewhat safer.

Sleeping can be scary for anxious folks because we are giving up what little control we have and the analogy of sleep to death doesn't help any.  If you are really concerned that it might be physical, you can go to your dr and see what he/she says.


by peaches1982, Apr 29, 2008
Most of the time when I lay down and try to go to sleep, I will feel like I cant swollow or breath and then I start to really panic.  I take remeron 60mg and klonopin 2mg at night to help me sleep, but that takes a while to work.  Does anyone else have this problem?
by shantheman85, Jun 24, 2008
the past 3 or 4 days all hours i wake up cuz i cant keep my self asleep cuz i freak out like if i stay asleep i wont wake so i get up at like 8 every mornin with my body feeling like i havent been to sleep and i start all over again panicing my muscles are heavy and i just get nervous to sleep does anyone know what that could be