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Stabbing lower abdominal pain
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Stabbing lower abdominal pain

I had a 24 hour episode of the most intense abdominal pain in my life, although labor pain was similar.  The feeling of extreme pressure and stabbing type pains radiated throughout, front to back.  The pains were even present in my vagina.  I am 68 so it had nothing to do with mentrual pain.  I had a CT scan and colonoscopy and the only possible cause  was a 8" narrowing in the colon. I also have Diverticulitis but Dr didn't think that caused the pain.   I'm wondering if I passed a kidney stone that I wasn't aware of.  Won't know who to see or what to do if it happens again.
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What did they say the 8" narrowing in your colon was, and what are their plans to discover the cause of that abnormality?
Have you ever had this kind of pain when you've had a Diverticulitis attack?

You say that if it happens again, you won't know who to see or what to do.

I'll tell you exactly who you should see and what you should do.............


Preferrably by calling 911.

I'm going to tell you something that I hope you will keep in mind IF this happens to you again.
I WAS going to say I don't mean this to scare you, but I've changed my mind. I hope it DOES scare you into NOT risking your life, WHICH YOU DID, by waiting 24 hours to see if "the most intense abdominal pain in my life" goes away.
Your symptoms were identical to a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm!

"The first signs of an RAA are usually excruciating pain in the abdomen and back with increasing pressure as blood fills the abdomenal (abdominal) cavity. With severe internal bleeding, a person will rapidly go into shock. A ruptured abdomenal (abdominal) aneurysm is most often fatal."

You're stoicism is admirable............but it could have cost you your life.
Be well
Kidney stones cause pain only on one side of the back and will come in waves...easing up and then coming back. We know diverticulitis causes stomach pain that goes into your back, and most GI doctors would want you on antibiotics with the first symptom of an attack.  Since it has gone away I doubt it's your diverticulitis because when it flares up it doesn't get better without antibiotics.  The narrowing in your colon has a "cause" and this needs to be addressed.  With the narrowing you may have had a blockage that cleared itself, but you need to find out "why" you have the narrowing.  The little pockets caused by diverticlutis can easily trap food and become infected, I hope you're avoiding foods with seeds, popcorn and anything with a skin like peas.  If an infection from your diverticulits is left untreated one of these pockets could rupture, with serious results.  I don't think there is any concern now since you're feeling better, other than the cause of the narrowing in the colon.  Most GI's are reluctant to do colonoscopies when you have diverticulitis for fear of puncturing the colon in a weakened area.  You never want to take any chances with diverticulitis and it's always best to seek help immediately to be on the safe side should this pain return. Always error on the the cautious side.  Hope this helps and take care.
You got my attention!  I had mild but similar pain in the past which passed quickly but never a divterticulous attack.  Dr. said if narrowing colon causes future problems it could be removed.  Not sure I like that option.  I was on 2 antibiotics for 2 weeks which made me even sicker.  Thanks for your very important advice.
Thanks for your response and advice!  I think I was hoping it was a kidney stone.  Seemed like the lesser of the possible evils.
Not sure how I got on the Anxiety Community.....Not that I don't have anxiety, but good luck to all who have posted and actually, I will pass this along to a few people.
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