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Symptoms of panic attacks?
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Symptoms of panic attacks?


I have been diagnosed with anxiety for many years but for a long time it was under control. Recently, I started getting what I believe are panic attacks again due to increased stress in my life, side effect of this bactrim I took for an infection recently and general worry. The attacks usually happen for me when I am alone in my room at night attempting to go to sleep, not while I am asleep like nocturnal attacks but when I am laying down and trying to sleep they occur. My question is in addition to the normal symptoms like heart palpitation, chest pain, gasping for air, feeling like I am choking or suffocating and hot flushes through my body, I also get this feeling like I am about to passout or like blackout into a seizure or something, my head gets all dizzy and shaky and feels like I am about to just go unconscious, I also get dry mouth and a cold nose, are these also a normal part of a panic attack?

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Hello Steve,

    I have had anxiety attacks for a very long time as well. I have encountered many of the same things if not all of the same things that you have listed above. Such as these for an example: Passout like symptom's, dizzy spell's, Choking on thick saliva, gasping for air, and chest pains. I have had some very upsetting panic attacks that have made me feel like I were a ghost for days. I don't know what causes them but I do know what helps. I have made home remedys for such things as gasping for air. What I do, is wrap a warm steaming towel around my neck while drinking a glass of warm milk, soon after chasing the milk with cold water. It helps with chest pains, choking symptoms, and nausiea. I have other home remedys so if this should work for you give me a shout and I well tell you more of my secrets. It seems to me that anxiety is based on a lot of facts. Have you had plenty of sleep? Have you had traggic things occour in your past? Do you get plenty of exercise? Do you have a hobby? Do you have open communication with someone? Have you been feeling fatigued lately?  Do you seem to over think things? All of these are great examples of what causes anxiety attacks or panic attacks. If it is sleep that you are trying to get, simply quit doing anything that could cause a panic attack such as looking into bright lights for long periods of time - like for example your computer monitor or your t.v. Get a book to take your mind off what ever you may be trying to over think. Drink plenty of fluids mainly water, try to keep away from sugar'ed down liquids like coke or cool aid ; before bed, be sure to empty your bladder before you go to bed. Get something to hold on to when you sleep - for example a teddy bear as a child does. Does'nt have to be a teddy but something, maybe a pillow. And the top of the list make sure you have a well darkened room with cool air comming from the vents. Try this and you will be amazed at how much better you will feel. I have had panic attacks for long enough that I would have tried any of these things in a heartbeat. Thank you for listening.

                                                         - JOKERSOUTH
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