Tingling numbness in my face
by Bella1974, Nov 05, 2008
I am driving myself absolutely crazy. I am experiencing numbness and tingling in my face and I'm convinced it's MS. I had an MRI and the dr says it's not MS. He says he believes I'm suffering from anxiety, and that makes me more anxious and feel even more symptoms. I can barely breathe at times. I've started xanax and I'm either not taking enough or I need to take something else because I don't feel calm or anything. I'm convinced that the doctor missed my MS, is that possible? If you search numbness and tingling of the face on the internet it always come back MS.... I know, I should stop reading and researching as I'm only making things worse and getting myself even more anxious. So I have to know if there are others out there who expereince numbness or tingling as a result of anxiety? And I don't mean in a panic attack mode, I mean throughout the day, which brings on the anxiety. I hope this makes sense. I am so scared. I haven't eaten in more than a piece of toast in a couple of days because I can barely get the food down, obviously I"m not sleeping well either. My other symptoms include a lack of ability to concentrate, fear, lots and lots of fear. I know, I sound anxious but hearing from others would really help. Maybe the whole package is making me tingly or whatever, but I really would like to know if anyone else has experienced something like this. Anyone who experiences this as a result of anxiety please let me know. Thank you
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by Jennykins, Nov 05, 2008
Hey....Don't worry I know thats hard to do when you are anxious but I have numbness and tingles throughout my face and head it comes and goes even when i'm not panicking.If your doctor told you you are fine I would trust there judgement have some good food and try to breathe. I was on xanax and it only helped me at night, so my doctor put me on Cymbalta and so far I feel great. Talk to your doctor and see about going on a medication that has a longer half life. I hope that helps a little bit take care and don't worry!!! A little advice don't search the internet about your symptoms makes things a lot worse.
by Krissy28, Nov 05, 2008
Everyone can experience different symptoms from anxiety, so it's possible it is anxiety. But have you thought about the possibility of stress? What dose and # per day of xanax are you on? Are you having any other symptoms related to MS? You might possibly try going to a different doc for a second opinion.
by Bella1974, Nov 05, 2008
If I read about a symptom I get it. I was convinced there was something wrong with my eyes, went to the eye doctor, nothing wrong :) Then I was sure it had something to do with my heart... nope :) I know I'm driving myself crazy. I know I'm doing it and I really want to stop searching all these conditions of things I could possibly have. I take the xanax. My prescription is for .25 mg. as needed. I take two if one doesn't work and sometimes I think the two don't work either but I'm not sure if I should take the third. My regular doctor prescribed it for me so I think I should actually go to a psychiatrist or someone more specialized in anxiety to figure out what my dosage should be. Of course, I'd prefer not to be on any of it, but can't seem to do much when I'm sure I'm two minutes from death or stroke or MS :)
by Ness_is_a_mess, Nov 05, 2008
Hi.  I also suffer from anxiety and GAD (generalized Anxiety Disorder).  Unlike you and Jennykins,  I have not taken any medications for my condition.  Feelings caused by anxiety can be very strong.  I get terrible tension headaches due to so much worrying and stressing. I get strange tingles in my back,  face (around the temples and chin),  and I twitch a lot (like my eye or lip twitches at least 5 times a day).  Us worriers have very strong nervous systems. I am more than positive that you don't have MS.

Honestly,  I think that you are suffering from severe panic attacks. Those can cause you to tremble, worry, feel in a state of fear,  sweat, and hyperventilate.  But I am not a professional. I am here on this site for the same reasons why you are: I suffer from anxiety/stress/aches and pains.  Just know that you are not alone.;)

by gurl7, Nov 06, 2008
hey i have experienced the tingling the numbness and more its all anxiety i get the tingling sensation all the time its nothing to worry about i went through a # of antidepressants  and i still get that i totally Know were ur coming from try jogging it helps
by MistyBrooke444, Nov 06, 2008
i have had the tingling and numbness occuring in my face for the last month..even when i'm not panicking and it lasts all day long and it seems that in the morning when i wake up, it's the first thing on my mind and it starts all over again. it is not MS. you must trust your doctor. it is a common symptom of anxiety. it sounds like to me that you are overbreathing which is a form of hyperventilation. which means that you are breathing too shallow or breathing to quickly or too much and from your chest rather than your diaphragm without realizing it. you can hyperventilate yourself without realizing it. practice some breathing exercises, which will help you to get back into the healthy habit of breathing. take a slow breath in for the count of 3, and hold it for the count of 3, then exhale for the count of 3 and hold that for the count of 3...repeat that for about 5 minutes or so several times a day. that's what i'm doing. so, keep your head up and stay positive and know that you aren't the only one! take care!
by pinkleeanne, Mar 15, 2009
I so know how you feel, you are the first person i have come accross who is just like me in the way that i always think there is something seriously wrong with me and never trust doctors, i suffer from awful anxiety and get so many symptoms and the most recent is tingling in the last side of my face around the eye, cheekbone and side of nose but its not the same as i have had when i have a panick attack its different and just comes on anytime  throughout the whole day, i too have been so afraid its something to do with my brain, head or like Ms etc but when i told the doc she completely dismissed the fact and said nerves do funny things so never even checked me over. I have learned that searching the net about these things made me worse and very paranoid so i try not to anymore.
I also get awful heart pulps (eptopic beats) and think i will die but the cardiologist said my heart is healthy but the reasurance dont stop our true symptoms and i have just tried to get on and trust in the docs. I am going to go back about the tingling face thing because its bugging me so much and i also have it in my foot, i'll let you know how i get on but in the mean time i am here for any questions or if you need a chat.
I am on velafaxine and larazapam and they really help the anxiety thank god i am also on list for CBT to help with my paranoid fears, perhaps thats worth bringing up to your doc?
god bless x
by SassyLassie, Mar 15, 2009
The symptoms you write about are so anxiety related. I have had my entire face just "buzz" it is so weird. You do not have to be having an anxiety attack to have this problem either, just being in a heightened state of "nerves" can cause this. Don't worry, it is NOT MS.

I am like you also in the fact that no matter what illness I read about, I have it, no doubt about it and I will argue down the doctors even. I have to really be careful when I do read things, as I will surely have the disease. I know better than to read stuff if I am depressed or anxious as these are my most vulnerable times. I used to browse the net for hours looking up things and I would be a basket case when I finished, I am trying to break myself of that, it is not healthy.

I have heart PAC's and PVC's, and I am in the heart rhythm group. Well, sometimes when I am reading posts or posting myself, I will bring these horrid things on and I am a mess, so, again, I have to watch when I go there. These types of heart beats are very stress related, and believe me, when I have them, they bring on more stress and anxiety. My doc says they are benign, but, do I believe her, nope, not me. I am always positive that the next flutter will be my last, now, THAT is stress.

Oh yes, with anxiety, my face not only tingles, but other areas as well, like the back of my neck, my eye twitches, I feel like ants are crawling on me sometimes, ugh, no fun for sure.

I do NOT take any medication for my problems except vitamins. I tried a few and they landed me in the ER. My doctor said since I could not handle even the light ones, to not take any and to try to walk when I felt anxious or depressed. Well, easier said than done, I am afraid to walk alone now due to my ectopic heart beats. See, you are not alone.

I have been reading two books by Claire Weekes called "Hope and Help for Your nerves" and "Peace for Nervous Suffering" these are outstanding books and I have used them so much, I have had to get new ones. I highly recommend them to anyone with our type of anxiety disorder. They can be purchased through Amazon or Borders, both on-line.

Well, hope it helps to know you are not alone. God bless.
by selamnat, Apr 09, 2009
The last 2 days my 18 year doughter start feeling  the tingling and fuzzi all over her body and went to doctor and coudn't find anything right now she can't even go to school. She is scared and sad she keep craying. I am scared too. She has a blood work done and we are waiting for the result. The doctor also sending her to nurologist, and  I am taking her to alternetive doctor. This is realy helps knowing other people has this problem and how they are handling it. But what I want to know is this a life time problem?