Trembling in the body...
by Ninah, Jul 10, 2007
Wow, this is funny...Last time when I wrote about the trembling feeling in the back of my head I said that I hadn't had any trembles in my body...Well, now I do. Not to mention that I just checked how long was I without any symptoms, and it was exactly 2 weeks! AGAIN.

So I get trembles all around the body and my whole body feels kinda shaky once in a while aswell. Last night I had troubles falling asleep, because my muscles had sometype of muscle twitch...
So anyone else had these? I still don't understand how 4 doctors think this is still anxiety. I mean, I want this to be anxiety, but I've had way too many symptoms in the past 7(!) months that It's not funny.

And what's up with this 2 weeks of no symptoms and then 2 weeks of symptoms??? (ANYONE else had this? I mean, you have a week of "vacation" and then you start getting symptoms again?) It's starting to be a pattern, and I don't know why it continues happening!!! I seriously don't want to start any medications, and I don't have money for therapy... Not to mention that I need to get in shape soon, because of my family and that is just causing me more stress.

Sorry again if Im bothering someone...I wish I didn't have to, but I just keep getting symptoms.
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by heartfluttersflyawayplz, Jul 10, 2007
am reading a claire weeks book and it talks about the trembling in the body yes it is anxiety and it tells you to go with it dont fight it ,it makes it worse just try and relax let it happen it will soon go away. it says if you know that its anxiety and it will not harm you your body will soon say ok this is not working shes /he is used to it and so it goes away it may take time but the book says it will work. the book is hope and help for your nerves get it ,i think it will help you to understand it. when on vacation you are out doing things having fun so your body is not thinking of trembling so when you get back you relax and your mind gets back to thinking about it , walk is great for you , when i feel my face/ears start to tingle i go for a walk by the time i get back its gone . try that.

its a hard thing to get past but the book says stop fighting it , accept it go with it and soon it wont bother you . get the book try it its 7.95 a lot less then theraphy which i did and it really didnt help me , book helping more along with klonopin to help me get back to where i was 3 months ago normal. good luck .
by suzi-q, Jul 10, 2007
I agree with Heartflutters.  Anxiety takes on many different symptoms at many different times.  Sometimes I tremble.  Sometimes I get stomach knots, sometimes terrible headaches.  You need to learn to go with it.  When we keep questioning it and asking "why?"  I feel it gets worse.  Yes, it is anxiety and try your best not to focus on it.  I know that is easier said than done!
by mia193, Jul 11, 2007
i don't know how i stumbled onto this site, but where have you all been all of these years!!  I have had anxiety issues off and on since i was in my early 20's and i am 42 now.  i just recently started with this trembling feeling as well.  I kinda feel like it is little gas bubbles, that sort of sensation.  i am glad to hear i am not crazy and that someone else feels this way as well.  i am a nurse, so i have a great knowledge base, but of course that sometimes makes things worse!  
by Ninah, Jul 11, 2007
Heartfluttersflyawayplz: Thanks for your reply and telling about the book! Im gonna go to the library and see if they have the book there. :)  With the vacation I ment a time when I have no symtoms, that's why I call it a vacation, because it feels like one. :P I've tried seeing if there's something different I do on these 2 weeks of no symptoms, but I really don't do anything out of normal...So Im still trying to figure out why I get two weeks of no symptoms and after that, I get the symptoms back.

Suzi-q: Thanks for replying! Even though it's not fun that people suffer from anxiety, Im still glad Im not alone with my symptoms. :)

Mia193: Welcome to the site! Hopefully it will help you as much as it has helped me. :) And thanks for replying.
My sensation with trembling can sometimes be internal or I get muscle twitches that I can even see with my eyes...X(
by mia193, Jul 11, 2007
thanks - i think it is going to be a great help- and maybe i can even help others too...
by trebble1, Jan 20, 2009
I need help
1988 I had a work accident 20 years ago, My left leg slipped brtween a rung on an eetension ladder, my left temporal lobe and jaw hit the metal extension bracket because lte ladder slipped and I had no trades assistant to foot the ladder, injuries a fractured jaw and a dizzy head 20 minutes after I had an epileptic fit the first in my life, Hospital and treatment for 5 weeks and I returned to work and the neurologist prescribed the wrong medication and I fell from another ladder 11 months after. My medical condition Neck, Epilepsy, Back, Stress and Anxiety, Hearing and Tinnitus, I could not return to work as an Electrician, I was unable to renew my Electrical Contractors licence A Grade licence and Drivers licence The seizures continued approx 1 a month, example I drowned and was revived, For 20 years I have body trembles and at times lock jar When I talk in the standing position I can not control my head trembling and I feel embarrrased, my medication is Valium and Lamictal  The Neurologist said it is the Valium my local Doctor said to continue. When my head is laying to the left and right the trembling is not as bad when looking down, Is it my nerves and what type of medicine to relax can anyone help please
by kl42, Jan 21, 2009
yes i get that back of head electric nerve firing off. into back,   doc says anxiety/passed nuerolgic tests mris. ect... statred on lexapro 10 days hopefully this works
by redneck77, Feb 25, 2009
I too feel these things for a long time....I thought I was going hang on, that's what I first thought with anxiety....when the tremors began, I thought I was going crazier...!!!!!  Sometimes its mostly inside and I feel like my legs are goin to give way when I'm standing and I feel sick. Too frightened to stand up because my legs feel like I've just stepped off a boat and are trembling inside...right up to my stomache and then dissapears as quickly as it starts?????? I'm hoping this is just another symptom of my anxiety. Any suggestions or advice??
by luzila, Apr 16, 2009
hi everyone well i tremble out of control when im asleep like if im having a seizure but it only happens sometimes it feels awful im a student and my husband notices that i do this after i have been worried about any test that i have to take so im kind of thinking it may be anxiety