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What CAN this be CALLED wierd floaty feeling for 6 months 24 7 everyday...
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What CAN this be CALLED wierd floaty feeling for 6 months 24 7 everyday??

MALe 21Ok people i need help by a proffesional been to 3 doctors er had advise on here read alot of peoples anxiety forums i do admit now i have anxiety started 6 months ago now my question is i can do stuff like go out and stuff the only thing that is bothering me is that i have been feeling like my body or the objects around me are unsteady i feel like when im on a rollercoaster and i just got off and tryed to stand still  ok now since i described my feeling as i feel it right now on my chair lol feels like my butt is moveing left then right like i can shift stuff with my eyes very wierd i know its very wierd but i can actually walk and run and make fun of it thats what im trying to differ than other people that i really dont feal stressed or deppressed the only reason they diagnosed me with a little stress and anxiety a while back in the er 2 months ago was this reason because of the wierd unbalanced floaty feeling you get me and making sence havine that feeling 24 7 every day for 6 months i just want sugg
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have you been doing drugs (including alcohol)?
if so it would probably better to stop doing them.

i used to know someone who did mushrooms 1 time and it totally messed up his balance longterm,
and he also felt nauseous longterm and his vision was also wrong longterm.

eating healthy and doing exercise gives you your best chance at allowing your brain(?) to recovery quickly from whatever is causing you this problem.
try to notice when you have most trouble with this symptom, think back to when it began... try to find a pattern.

maybe your allergic to some kind of food?
unless you are hearing voices from outside of you i don't think you're hallucinating and in need for antipsychotic therapy.
everybody has voices inside his own mind. they are the angels, demons, pranksters etc. that we call "thoughts".

maybe you have HPPD ? look that up.
i suspect trying to treat these problems with antipsychiatric pharmdrugs is not a good idea, especially since the symptoms you just named are often symptoms people get when they go on antipsychiatric pharmdrugs...

but, i am not a doctor so i guess i am not in a position to give you much advice on this.
685562 tn?1447158831
I'm sorry to hear that your going through this.

I agree with newzor about a possible unset of food, or airborn allergies.
Or possibly a recurring sinus infection, or calcium deposits in your ear "or fluid"

I dont know where newzor was getting the "hearing voices" subject from, but I am assuming that if you didnt mention it, you dont have it happening.

Newzor is somewhat Bias on Physc drugs, "from what I've observed" so I'm going to give you my unbias oppinion.

Sometimes a person goes through hard times, extremely stressful events, or extremely sad events, or just a bunch of little stressfull events all at once
When this happens our bodies produce more Cortisol, which pumps our bodies with Adrenaline. The hormones then put our bodies through allot of chaos and "Fight or flight" when that happens your vital organs "Steal" all of the nutrients stored up in our "not so needed" limbs and organs.

After this occurs, your body is somewhat defficiant of vital nutrients that keeps it running like a well oiled machined.
Your adrenal Glands "train" themselfs to keep pumping those Hormones "Cortisol and adrenaline" to keep going because your body has to rely on this function to keep going.
This soon starts to "damage" your CNS "Central Nervous System" Since your adrenal glands are "Stealing" all of your nutrients, your CNS trains itself to not produce the GABA that is needed because it thinks that you cant "relax" because its now in "Fight or Flight".
The trick is, "retraining" the CNS to function properly, and returning normal function to the Adrenal Gland.
This is why Benzodiazapines work well for anxiety, mainly for the GABA production.
But there are a few Benzos out there "like Klonopin" that will Dull your Adrenal Gland also.

This is where I differ from newzor, because there is a time and place for physc. drugs to break the cycle.
There is also the mental habit of the feeling,  to break.
I myself am somewhat "Anti physc" because I am a man of science and God.
BUT, there is a line down the center that needs to be seen of the subjects.
I personally believe most physc. problems are from physical problems that are overlooked or are "not known" yet.
Ive chatted on and off with a pretty smart Doc. online and we both have the same theroy's of the "adrenal glands, etc" and I like our theroy better then the Theroy of "unbalanced Seritonin or norepinephrine" "which has not been the way, lol"

Thats why Im not suggesting a A.D

Also, Ive personally known 2 people with some pretty bad cases of vertigo, that were both prescribed low doses of valium "diazapam" for about a week or so, and it worked great for there balance, and actually took it away after the discountinued there script.

I defenintly rec. getting checked for alergies (allergies), "all of them" Vitamin Def. sinus and ear problems, and anything else you can think of before going the next step.
take Care

Avatar n tn
Ok wow i am not suffering from mushroom i dont do drugs and dont do alcohol i used to drink but im pretty sure thats not the case cause this was 7 months ago im totally sober and it seems like you guys make me sound like i do drugs often i gues since i put 21 male feeling floaty for 6 months weed comes in mind for people that are byased for the record no im actually athletic did alot of excercise and had too stop because of my feelings there a proffesional out there that can be alittle more knowing about the floaty not dizzy dont get those mixed up i feel weird when i stand still sometimes when i walk the swaying of my body 24 7 like i mentioned for 6 months already..i really dont wanna take meds or nothing i dont believe in drugs making me better...ok i been reading about vertigo do i have that? can vertigo be 24 7 everyday thats what i want to know? or what im not allergic to on feeling this please email me back and im not crazy i go to college ..sometime i feel like im on a surf board
Avatar n tn
hey josh,

when i read your symptoms the first thing that came to mind was vertigo. my step dad had that, and he was so dizzy and light headed kinda feeling that he sometimes couldnt even drive a car.

he went to a doctor and they had to poke a hole in his ear with a very small tube or something to fix it and now he's fine. im not sure what causes vertigo, some time of fluids that are in your inner ear workings that give you balance, much like how a cats whiskers give it balance .

go ask a doctor, but id say 75 percent sure you have vertigo
Avatar n tn
Hi thanks for your advise still working on it trying to find out what it can be i have another my 3 appointment with my physician on dec 1...she allways says i should just take some meds for my anxiety but has been already going for 7 months straight that i have these wierd standing or sitting swaying swirlling hard to describe because its not a dizzy feeling ive feel almost all day only time i feel good is when i fall asleep and when i wake up feeling fresh then here it goes 24 7 the feeling ..thanks to newbegenings838 advice on it might be vertigo that will be the first thing i tell my doc if i have that or to check if im suffering from that becuase i never seen someone or heard of someone feeling this way 24 7 unbalanced feeling it killing me but if any body got the same thing or any thing related feel free to post...and too add i have very bad vision i feel unsteady..but plz post more people thanks
1041243 tn?1375234120
Well I never had vertigo but I had been very clumsy for a while and I was always dizzy when I stood up. Turns out I had retained fluid in my ear. They put tubes in both ears and I found out that's why I was so clumsy, my balance was off. It also made my dzziness go away. Inner ear problems can cause a lot of those kind of problems so if I were you I'd get my ears checked. Also how are you sleeping? Lack of sleep can cause feelings like this. I would also post this in another forum, you may find someone else who expiriences this. If it is one of these things anxiety can be adding to it and making it feel worse. Take a multi vitamin, that helps a bit. Let us know about your dr appt results.
Avatar m tn
Hi Josh, i found your post about your floating feeling 24/7, i have the EXACT same feeling as yours and its been 3 years, actually when it first started it got well in 1 YEAR, then after one year with no problem it comes back again.

It is a floating feeling, nothing can stop or make it better, its 24 hours until you sleep, i actually feel very strong when i sit still and very little better when i lie down but its always there, feel like my but is moving up and down, nothing else major no vomitting no dizzyness.

I write to you to express my feeling for you as i have the same problem, my doctors also did nothing, i looked up think its vestibular neuronitis but it wont last that long, and it was strong at first and get mild later, but ours always the same...... so how do you feel now, any medicine you find and make it better? im really in pain too...
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