Why is it I feel fine and then all a sudden...bam
by mom2makinlee, Nov 19, 2008
I was actually having a good day...not once today did I have any weird things happen that made me search the net for symptoms.  Then all of a sudden I came home from shopping and bam...sudden nausea and tingling on one side of my body in face arm hand and foot...then of course I felt short of breath.  Of course I immediatly thought TIA or stroke and started on the web (well I take that back, first i took a xanax then I started on the web)  I feel a little better now but the tingling in my face and arm are not totally gone.  Why is it that anxiety just happens out of the blue like that????  

I know it is mostly anxiety otherwise the xanax would not make it better.  Just dont understand why I cant just be normal again.  Everyday I tell myself I dont know if I can make it another day...of course I do make it but I feel like I can't.  It is interefering with my whole life!!!!  Really aggravating.

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by ativan, Nov 20, 2008
Hi laurin,
I know that fear, I also have times when I feel ok and then wham its back, I get horrible feelings in my head, I also get the tingles, it is all part of anxiety but we cant beleave anxiety causes all these awlful sensations that we get, hang in there laurin we are normal we just have an illness called anxiety, and like you I hate it.
take care
by scaredjo, Nov 20, 2008
hi my therapist has been through this hundreds of times, its cause even though we aint thinking of pains, weird feelings etc our brains are so tuned in that every little odd feeling sparks off major anxiety.  have been through the stroke phase i swear one side of my body would go numb, tingly, i would sit for hours checking my reflexes to prove to myself it wasn an actual stroke and it never was it was just anxiety brought on by the fear of having a stroke.
the worst thing you can do is look up symptoms cause i guarantee the more you know about an illness the more you will get the symptoms, its a vicious circle
by mom2makinlee, Nov 20, 2008
Thanks to both of you!!!

I think I need to see a therapist too...that sounds very helpful.  Funny thing is I smoke and have for 12 years yet I am so worried about all these illnesses and dropping dead suddenly.  I just cant seem to realize if anything is going to kill me it is going to be the cigs.  I really need to quit...I know it would make me feel better.

Do either of you take any meds for anxiety?  I just got off my zoloft because it had made me gain 20lbs and then all this anxiety started.  I REALLY dont want to take meds again but dont know how to control it on my own.
by JeffreyG, Nov 20, 2008
Hi, this is also to a previous post u made....i have anxiety attacks off and on all my life, along with major migranes.....within the past 2 months i have had burning sensations througout my body...legs,arms, brain....,which causes additional anxiety.... but also during the past few months i have been under an enormous amount of stress....possible loss of job, selling house,  possibly moving halfway across the country....along with a few other issues.....anyway my neuro doc ordered new blood workups, but when i see him next week i have a feeling he'll say everything is normal......he's had me on Depokate, lyrica, and recently added clonzapam.....but took the Depokate will see what happens next week....anyway it is comforting for me that i am not the only one suffering.....but as of this point i have to beleive the burning/tingling sensations have got to do with my stress/anxiety issues..... hope u feel know how it is
by lupins, Nov 20, 2008
Hi there.  I have this theory; panic and anxiety are like these little weeds which grow between the sidewalk blocks or little cracks here and there.  They just need a little room to sprout, then kaboom!  Out they pop!  

Here's how it works: Sometimes I'm actually having a good day (exercise, socialize), thus my brain relaxes, stops standing guard, (creates an open space) and panic/anxiety find the space and show up!  I just "talk" to it, and say "oh there you are" "you can't grow here!"  Then, "rip them out of the ground" and plant them somewhere else.  Gives me a giggle if nothing else, which we all need.

Take care!
by scaredjo, Nov 20, 2008
hahaha i smoke cigs too and drink too much alcohol, its funny how us hypochondriacs do bad things to our bodies!! i know its not a laughin matter seein as i do all the things that are bad for my heart,which is my anxiety at the moment and for our general anxiety, my friends tell me if i was so scared i wud give up my bad habits which is true but my bad habits are the things that relax me!!
as for meds i take beta-blockers i been on them for years, i just been prescribed anti-anxiety meds im scared to take them but i think its time to give them a go, get some therapy and some meds they work together
by mom2makinlee, Nov 20, 2008
My doctor asked me the other day how I handle answer...I smoke...A LOT.  She said no I mean what do you do to relax?  I said again I sit on my back porch and I smoke A LOT.  She did not think it was funny at all.  

I had another good day today...yay.  So hopefully I will be able to get through tonight without any anxiety attacks.

JeffreyG - I have Neuro appointment in Dec...I hope your test results come back good like you said.  Burning and tingling are pretty much usually from anxiety/stress...I get this all the time.  In fact my feet are tingling right now! LOL

Lupins - Hey thanks for your help...I agree it is like it is just waiting for a chance to come out and hit even when you dont expect it.  It is sneaky!!!
by Tattedprincess, Nov 20, 2008
Well I live in this lovely realm of anxiety with all of you!  LOL!  I hate it!  I am on Clonezapam and it seems to help, but am terrified of all the other meds.  I have had some bad reactions to like 5 of the other meds so I am stuck with this or nothing!  DAMN IT!  I can tell you that sometimes I feel like someone has lit a match under my skin!  It is just awful!  I am in therapy and it is helping a little, but I am still having a hard time!  My sister's boyfriend of ten yrs recently passed and of course that started me thinking I was dying all over again!  I hate this ****!  I pray a lot and it really seems to help me, but I just want it all to end!  I want to be normal!  I have 4 kids to take care of and it is just scary to feel like this all the time!  And I know that having anxiety in front of them will potentially cause them anxiety!  It is a vicous cycle that I need to find out how to end!  
by mom2makinlee, Nov 21, 2008
That ***** you had such bead reactions to the meds.  Hopefully the Clonezapam is helping??  I just quit my Zoloft which is why I am having all this anxiety again but cant bring myself to take anything because I lost 20 lbs getting off the meds and I just dont want to gain it back and be fat again.  I am just taking the xanax now and it just does not last all day so now I am thinking about starting yoga.  Anyone tried yoga for stress and anxiety????

Sorry to hear about your sisters boyfriend that is horrible, I am guessing he was fairly young.  That always freaks me out too.  It freaks me out even when it is older people at my work that pass away or even people that are like 80 or 90 years old.  

I pray a lot too and your right it does help!!