Xanax 0.25mg?
by md135, Jun 10, 2009

I just got a few tablets from my doctor for my panic attacks for when i go on holiday soon. Well what i was wondering was what are your experiences with this amount of xanax, and what exactly are the effects i should expect? what will happen when i take it? how long will the feeling last? any good symptoms and any bad symptoms?

Any comments and thoughts on when you have took Xanax would really help my anxiety about this new drug right now.

Thanks guys....
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by cj29Blank, Jun 10, 2009
Xanax is a fairly potent benzo that works well for what it is designed to do.  In my opinion, that is a small dose and it usually prescribed on an as needed basis in the short term because you can build a tolerance to it if you use it regularly over an extended period of time.  More importantly, if anxiety is becoming a problem in your life, have you ever considered going to counseling and learning about it?  Gaining the long term knowledge about this, is a very good way to confront it in my opinion...keep us posted!
by cyb3rd00d, Jun 10, 2009
This is the lowest dosage of Xanax I believe. It has calmed Anxiety Attacks for me in the past. It kicks in really fast maybe 15 minutes at most for me. They didn't put me to sleep or anything just relaxed. Just be careful and only take them when you need them as Xanax is addictive.
by Red931, Jun 10, 2009
As previously posted above .25 is the lowest dosage of Xanax prescribed. Like all drugs, it has different effects on different people with the most common side effect being drowsiness.

The duration of the dosage should last about 4 hours maximum. The severity of your anxiety attacks will determine how well and how fast this medication will work for you. If you take them for more than a ten day period there is a risk of dependency, but doctors will prescribe them longer for different reasons.

I hope this helps.
by amber711, Jun 10, 2009
Please, whatever you do, don't take it every day.  Take it as needed and sparingly.  I just got off of it since taking it since January and it was very hard to withdraw from.  I started on .25 mg three times a day and went to 4 times a day.  It was hard to cut back once your brain gets used to it. BELIEVE ME!  Its a dangerous drug.  There is a very high risk of dependency if taken daily.  Even for a short time.  It helps with sleep in the fist week but after that it dose just the opposite.  I am sleeping so much better and natural now that I am off of it.  Just be careful!!!
by Monica70, Jun 10, 2009
I remember the first time I took Xanax (0.25 mg) and I just kind of stared at the TV for the longest time in a daze. After taking it two or three times, I noticed that I had blackouts, missing hours. For example, I'd remember taking it, sitting on the sofa, but I didn't remember how I got to bed. I asked my husband about this several times and he'd have to explain to me what happened.

If I took it during the daytime, I didn't have blackouts, but I eventually developed a tolerance for it--after four months--and stopped taking it.
by gmichael66, Jun 10, 2009
Wow. I must have gotten some really bad pills because Ive been taking .25 every morning since Feb 9th, and I feel it relaxes me a little but I honestly dont feel the effects.
They say my trouble catching that deep breath is anxiety related, I dont buy it, it has gotten better but I have absoultely zero other signs of anxiety 'cept a little depression waiting for this deep breath thing to go away.

I shouldnt say every morning, I sometimes skip or forget but dont really notice a difference, once in March I was really scared over the deep breath thing and took two .25 pills, I didnt really feel a thing, I maybe feel a bit relaxed, but uts not that noticeable to me, as a matter of fact, the breathing was pretty good today, I didnt work today so I didnt even take a xanax at all.

I dont find it addictive..........yet

by md135, Jun 11, 2009
Thank you for everyone who posted back :)

I just got them for when I am on holidays next month or for the plane JUST incase, I am on Lexapro right now which is working great for me.. But if I have a bad attack then that's when I'll take a Xanax would never take it otherwise.. So don't worry I won't take more then 1 or 2 of them in total HOPEFULLY!

That's is great though thanks I no what to expect now I just wanted to no to ease my mind you no?
Just 2 more question I forgot..
1: it's ok to take Xanax on Lexapro right???
2: can I break the 0.25mg tab? It says not to but most pills say that and I break em anyway.. Is it ok with Xanax?

Thanks again...
by Red931, Jun 11, 2009
Lexipro and Xanax can be taken within a 24hr time period. You will be fine if you have to take it on the plane.

Xanax can be broken in half as the tablets ar scored. If the tablets are scored it is safe to take half as the medication has been ditrbuted evenly in the tablet. You are taking a very low dose so I don't know that half of a .25mg, will help much with the symptoms of an onset anxiety attack, but as I said everyone is different.
by jalexia, Aug 12, 2010
Hi i have been taken half of xanax for about 2 years now and it works well fo rme, i take 0.25mgs twice a day in hlfs which equals to pills a day,so yes you can take the lowest doseage in halfs good luck to you.