buspirone ??
by stressed123, Jul 17, 2008
heyy all.. i suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks lately i would say the past few months and its just getting worse and worse.. my dr. gave me buspirone its a low dose and really not doing much for me. i wanted to know if anyone else has taken this and if its helping. i should probably wait it out and see but any input would be appreciated
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by candi03, Jul 17, 2008
I just started takin wellbutrin today. So far I have a massive headache. I do however know that my mother was taking it for many yrs and she just quit taking it like last mth because it did nothing for her. Everyone is different though.

It is suppose to take 4 to 6 wks to start noticing a difference.

Take Care
by Maria333, Jul 17, 2008
I too suffer from Severe anxiety/panic attacks. I am currently taking Xanax, but was given Buspirone as well. It does nothing to help my anxiety. I took the highest dose possible and nothing. It all depends on you and your doctor, maybe they can increase it? I do know that it takes a few weeks to kick in. If I were you I would stick with Buspirone before trying any benzos (Xanax, Valium, Klonopin...etc....) which are very addicting.
by melbatoast64, Jul 17, 2008
buspirone is not like benzo's. it needs to build up in your system like anti-depressant. I would say, wait a few weeks and then go back and see if you can get a higher dose.
by dolphin845, Jul 17, 2008
I took Buspar but couldn't stand the side effects.  It did take away my anxiety but I also had metallic taste,  shakey, dizzy, headaches, night sweats.  UGH!!!!
by stressed123, Jul 17, 2008
Thanx def gona wait it out for a few weeks and then switch to something else if I have to. Im glad u all understand what im going through!
by lynn57, Jul 20, 2008
I am taking Buspar and I'm not sure if it's helping but my anxiety is under control.  I have dropped from 2mgs of klonopin a day to 1mg and I am still tapering.   I take Celexa.  Hopefully the celexa will end up being all I need.  Getting off the Klonopin was my doctors big concern and so far It's OK.  I have to say the Klonopin was a life saver when nothing else worked.  I recommend it for anyone with severe panic disorder.
by bree88, Oct 31, 2009
I started taking buspar at the very end of june of this yr. I started out on a low dose and then finally got on 15 mg twice a day, it did help with my all day dizziness and some other symptoms. At the end of september i started on 30 mgs twice a day. I thought that it would help get rid of the heavy head thing but it hasn't, although it did help. I also started taking celexa 20 mg a day around Sep. 9th and it helped a lot with the depression symptoms. I still have the hot flashes, the un-reality thing, tight throat, heavy head, head feels kinda "swimmy" at times. For about a week the heavy head thing was a lot better but the last couple weeks it's been bad and it drives me crazy!! Gets me to thinking about all the other stuff that I could have (tumors) because i feel like the meds should  have made all of the anxiety go away by now. But I read that tumors get worse and that you don't feel better one day and then worse the next. I don't think that that's it but maybe i just need a different kind of med. I see my med doc on the 23 of Nov. Oh, and also I have been seeing a physchologist since August but she doesn't want to get into anything until i am more stable on my do i need something different than buspar?? Is that not a good one or what?? anyways, somebody lemme know!! : )