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day dreamer
with due regard and profound respect i wnt to submit the condition of my mind which i cannot share to any of my parents and sisters or brothers or to any of my friends.I hope that you eill help me to get rid of this.
I am a young boy of 23 years but i look like a boy of 16 yet.
I am  a student of Msc Chenistry doing from University.
I am a big and very fool sort of day dreamer.its my habbit since childhood.i am very sensitive.in all my life i never had a fight with any one who has been my friend.i never a girl friend.
In the university a girl offered me the friendship.here i want to add that i belong to a religious family and she also belongs to the same.we are very consrvtive.
we became friends and I always remained shy from seeing her face or looking into her eyes.i regard her very much,i respect her very much.Took care of her.She shared me each and every thing she had.She was sufering from some problems dur to which she took medicine to remove her anxiety.in that time i daily visited her home before her parents,because we were far off relatives.i used to make her smile and got her back in life.She at last stopped taking such medicines.
she was very happy form me.she could never reman a minute away from me.but we never looked at each other like hanky panky.
during this i was so much associated with her that she became a part of my life and i always tried to be with her.things went on and i got in love with her.then she agreed and we went on.but all this was on her will.she asked me a day that dont you ove me?
otherwise i had no courage to express it to her.she was brave from me.i always obeyed her and never denied any of her askings.we studied together.
a month later from exprressing Love she once asked me that she wants to kiss me.then i kissed her on her face a day with her will.then she was very happy.
after a month she scolded me that why you got in love with me?
you should have been only my friend nota lover?
you are a cheater?
to kiss is a sin in our religion and she said that you made me to kiss you?
you insulted me and you are the cause of the sin.
and she taunted me in the most horrible way and she has stopped talking to me and says that i am a cheater.
we agreed to marry each other and we were ready after the sudies.
she also said a day that i cannot marry you.
then she says that you are the cause of making me the sinner,so i hate you
i hate the sight you?
so this was the story sir
now my condition is that i really love her and love her deeply.
i have begged sorry and pardon for evry thing from her but she does not talk to me
on the facts noted above,it is obvious that i did not made a mistake.
it is necesarry to tell you that i never knew that boy kisses a girl,because i had not the sense.she told me that its a way of expressing love.
now she has ignored me totally .i weep in the loneliness for her
i remember her
she comes into my mind after every second
i have got tired fighting myself that i no more love her
but any way she lives in my mind
she is in and out of me
i am a student and this thing has effected my studies.yesterday i could not prepare a single word for the paper.I always remained unbeaten in studies but i think i shall fail in this semester.
it was my ever first exposure to any girl.
now she has got another friend a girl.she always stays with her and never even see me.
i met her personally to say sorry and begged her pardon and i started weeping before her but she is still angry with me and says that you are loathsome person,i hate you.

i remain restless for the whole day,think about her all the day long,she remains in my mind.
i still day dream that we shall marry,i cannot accept that she will do such to me.
she accepted that i gave her a new life and now she says that you spoiled me.
she is elder than me .she is 25 and i am 23.
my proble is that i am thinking to try once more to go to her a bed her pardon.because i cannot sit with peace if any human is angry to me.but she will insult me therefore i am hesitating.also my innerself does not allow me to do the same because i have already begged her pardon.

i need you hel sir ,ypur kind tip will help me.i want to restore my that calm and peace of mind restored so that i can study with full concentration.
i need herlp to controll my thoughts to avoid her in thoughts.
i want that she does not come in my day dreams.
i want to abolish my habbit of day dreamiong.
i shal look for your answer that what should i do with her.
i shall be highly thankfull to you for this act of kindness.
thankning in anticipation

yours sincerely
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Thank you for a very complete story. You are good to be so conservative and follow religion. You are a good man. Now you think you have done something wrong and you are bothered by this. But you have done nothing wrong.

I think the girl you loved and helped still has problems. She seemed well for a time, but her behavior with you is not good behavior. Now, you must be strong again. Strength will come through understanding. This is not good and evil. This is more like sickness.

Pray often and seek God's guidance. You may also talk to a counselor at the University. It would be good to talk to someone nearby.

If you feel badly at the way she acts, it is because you love her so much. The love is a sign of your goodness. What you must now do is allow her to become better. This may not be something you can do for her. A counselor may be able to help.

Please continue to let us know what is happening.

God will bless you.
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