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homeopathic solutions

Hello Everyone,

To make a long story short. I've been suffering from anxiety / panic attacks for about 6 months now. I started seeing a ND in June and got on some vitamins/supplements that helped a little. The anxiety hasn't gone away that much. I usually have about a week out of each month that I feel absolutely normal.

She has prescribed a ton of new vitamins for me to take in addition to these following homeopathic remedies:

Unda #22

Valeriana 7CH

Argentum Nitricum 4CH

Aconite  6CH

Phosphorus 30K

In addition to:

B vitamins

Adernal Support


Fish Oil

Multi Vitamins

I guess I am just wondering if this is to much to be taking a day. It seems like I am popping pills all day long ( LOL)

Is it just easier to go with medication?
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For your initial question as to whether you're taking too many supplements or not, I can't answer. For the best advice on this subject, go to our Alternative Medicine Forum and speak with Paxiled. He will know.

As for your second question, there are a number of "schools of thought" on that subject. But even after all the opinions are on the table, in the end it boils down to how YOU want to manage your health.

Personally, I take medication. I'm not opposed to natural/herbal remedies. They just didn't work for me. Taking medication was, therefore, not a matter of which was "easier." Trust me, there are a great many of us here who wish the natural approach HAD worked.

I wish you the best

I don't know what if any other ailments or problems you have or have had. But, I would try to stick with natural methods. Maybe drop everything on that list, other than a B Complex. Add Magnesium  and consider meditation, biofeedback. Magnesium is AMAZING for panic attacks and anxiety....AMAZING!!
Then, if you still are not seeing any improvements, slowly add in those other things making a Multi Vit/Min the first thing to add. Better to start slow and see what is ACTUALLY helping you, rather than possibly taking a bunch of pills you don't need.

Good Luck!!
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