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is there brain damage after lsd
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is there brain damage after lsd

About six months ago i was trying to be cool. i took a combination of lsd and shrooms i had never done either. unlike everyone else i found myself outside and alone. i thought i was dying for a good 8 or so hours just layed there on the ground throwing up shaking and having horrible thoughts of no1 finding me and thinking i was dying. i dont talk to those people anymore and i have tryd to forget about it.  
    The problelm is after all of this time, sometimes for no reason when i am out doing normal things i will feel a sudden burst of fear and i will get shaky and I WILL have that same horrible fear of death out of nowhere.
  My question is.. is there a chemical that is still killing my brain. i mean after i did that is there still some of that stuff in my body? am i dying or what is happing. i want to go get a scan or something to see. does anyone know if thats what happens? am i in fear over nothing?

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Well, you can go to the doctors and they can do a test on you.  Let me tell you, when you see the after effects of people who do drugs, its no joke.  Drugs mess Your brain up.  And when u combined both drugs that can be a major effect. I know this because i did drugs alot to be cool and they affected my brain big time.  I forget things easily now, i have an imbalance.  But dont worry about the death thing.  That will happen.  Everybody has that fear, but think about this.  If you never thought about death and never worried about it, then things would be too easy.  And you would never have a challenge and you would never overcome it, and in the end you would never want to leave this place.  Thats why we have pain, so we wont be petrified when we leave from here.  What do you think?
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You threw up because that's what mushrooms do -- it's their very toxicity, which is mild, that causes many people to get nauseous from them.  Combining the two is not only dangerous, but downright silly.  Some people just can't handle hallucinogens, and some people get flashbacks from a "bad trip."  It's unlikely from one use you have brain damage.  What's more likely is you imprinted the experience and conditioned yourself to feel anxious.  That's what anxiety disease is.  I recommend you start therapy and work on consciously getting control of your thoughts again.  Good luck.
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It sounds like you are experiencing panic attacks, most of us on here have.  You need to see a professional for a diagnosis and some therapy.  I'm sure this one experience hasn't caused brain damage, if anything it's opened your eyes to the realities of what these drugs can do.  Take care...
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Did window pane acid and had horrible flashbacks for a while.I did get panic attacks until I started b complex. The low b6 causes panic attacts.They are gone now unless I really get stressed out over something. This may be why I had such a bad trip.I am pyroluric its a genetic problem that causes b6 zinc defiency. I think this is why I had trouble with druds of any kind.I don't detox well because of it.  Look up pyroluria in google or on curezone. It causes depression and panic and all kinds of mental issues.B6 should never be taken alone take it in a complex.It may  help get rid of the panic,it did me.Google low b6 and panic attacks and you can read about it.
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I took lsd at the age of 15 and am now 40. I also had a badbtrip and thought I was dying. As far as I can tell you get too much seratonin when this happens and then it causes you to always get too much and suffer from anxiety. I have tried everything to help this problem including much counceling to no avail. I have found unfortunately that valium has been the only help. I went 20 years with nothing helping and was miserable. It helped once I knew what it was because I just thought I was going crazy..I would be just sitting at home watching t.v. and fear would over take me..there is help and I have to take medication less and less. they didnt know alot about this for years so I didnt even know what anxiety was. Once you realise that's what it is, it does get better.
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LSD doesn't cause brain damage but might induce psychosis in individual prone to psychosis then so it can be the trigger of developing psychotic illnesses.

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I took acid on Monday. Couldn't sleep for 30 hours. Finally slept for 5 hours and can't sleep again and its been about 24 hours since sleeping. I know im over thinking sleeping but I can't seem to stop. I keep feeling like im going to have an anxiety attack. I only took 1 hit of acid. And it was only my 2 nd time doing it. Im really worried and thinking about going to the hospital. Can anyone tell me what might be happening to me?
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I CAN cause brain damage.
But youd either have to be really unlucky or be taking it allot.-
But your fear of it still causing damage (something still in your body after so long) id say no,.
And dont think you are brain-damaged. Not at all.
As other mention, your most likely getting panic attacks.
And as silly as that might sound to someone unfamiliar with them- they can be more real than life itself.
But major point is you had a horrible experience with it,. (from what you wrote)-
Now ive never taking "hard drugs"- But when i was younger i smoked allot of weed during a course of 6 months.
Last time i smoked it I went overboard- My girlfriend had cheated on me, so i went to a party and smoked as much weed i could. It ended with me standing outside the read with the feeling of 10.000 needles bashing into my brain. I also thought i was gonna die,.
And i must have looked like total joke, cause I found out if i moved side to side in a swinging motion, it wouldnt feel just as bad. (yeah that messed up)- So i was certain i was gonna drop while my friend kept an eye on me cause he was afraid i was gonna call for an ambulance. -.

now after that ive never done it. Dont see the reason for it, and it just scared the crap out of me.
So sure, there has been times where that has been a factor in "where did my anxiety originate from?"- But allot happened in that time.

But to get back to it.
No your brain isnt decomposing. - Something (maybe that event or something else) has left you with a mental scare that shows up once in a while- Something you shouldnt worry to much about, but still get some help with as fast as possible.
It took my doctors 5 years to tell me the word "anxiety"- And often wonder how it would be today had they figured that out quicker and we had started working with it then.

not trying to be an *** about it, but theres a reason they are illigal. They aint good for you. They might be in the minutes they are taken and work as desired. But wont do you any good in the long run .

As for your current situation-
If you feel you need to go to the hospital. do that. Keep in mind they will most likely do a blood test, and thus know you have been adding acid to your body.
(dont think theyll report it or anything, but just so you know)-
Also this way you might be able to get some of the worries of your shoulders and get someone to tell you that its a bad idea to be playing with drugs.

Otherwise: Well drugs can do many things to you. mentally and psychically-
Yes if you over-think the need to sleep it gets harder to fall asleep. i know this from experience. No drugs needed there. but the added factor could also make it worse.  
Also, drugs and even alcohol can be a way of masking you thoughts. Worries and anxiety.
You have some things worrying you... Take something to mask it and make yourself forget about it. . . when that wears off. . . .It will return and even stronger.
ATM- i hardly drink anymore. (like weekend parties and such)- Cause i know it mostly goes like this.
Friday : im a bit anxious. The more drinks i get, the more i forget about it,
Saturday: Im okay, i dont really get hungover much. Get something to eat, meat up witht he guys, go drink some more.
Sunday: Im hungry. . . Im thirsty. . . My mouth is dry no matter how much i drink,. . . Its sunday and i got nothing to do. All the guys are at home with their hangover as company, and they have to sleep early to go to work. . . .
Now all i have are myself and my thougts,. , , , And they will then start raining on me one by one, harder than the last two day- (maybe the same as the whole week before)-
But after 2 days with no worries, getting all that back on your shoulders is kinda rough.

Not saying its the same in your situation, but hell.- - - - Acid on a monday. Must be a reason for that.

Not trying to judge you at all. you might be the nicest person in the world. Im just trying to tell you what i know- Or think i know.
if you feel like you need a trip to the hospital. Do it. Ease your mind
Otherwise try not to stress about sleep. Get something light to eat. Nothing like coffee or soda. Put on a flick and just lay down and relax. Watch a movie you already seen, that you still find good and interesting. And see if you cant drift of to that.  
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LSD was manufactured during the late 1960's and uses in landmines and rockets as the agent "BZ". I reviewed thousands of classified reports regarding exposures and there is no evidence of lasting brain damage. Effects seem to wear off entirely after a year, and mainly revolve around distortions in timne.

You can't be sure, however, what you took was lab-grade LSD.

Other halucinogenic agents include formeldehyde, or PCP, which can indeed cause permanant brain damage. Ingestion of several species of mushrooms can also induce permanant irreversable damage. Not all mushrooms.

All this being said, all effects generally disappear after a year, and the chances are you will not have permament injury from an isolated ingestion.
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Both LSD and magic mushrooms don't cause any brain damage. In fact, they don't alter the brain at all.

This class of psychedelics amplifies your thoughts and emotions to an intensity that someone who hasn't experienced them yet couldn't possibly imagine. When used right, it can allow you to gain insight into how your mind works and help you fabricate your own joy by thinking positive thoughts.

Your unconscious consists largely of a network of memories and thoughts that you have collected throughout your life. This network defines to a large extent the new thoughts that you form, and the consequent emotions and behavior. LSD and magic mushrooms make you extremely suggestible to new information to be added to that unconscious network. That's why LSD and psylocybin (the active compound of magic mushrooms) therapy is so effective.

It can also go the other way, of course. If you have a bad trip, and if the negative thoughts that caused it aren't resolved before the trip is over, these thoughts remain stored in your unconscious. They become activated from time to time, sometimes very frequently, depending on their subject and intensity.

The trick to solving this is cognitive behavioral therapy. All you have to do is find out which exact thoughts are causing your negative emotions, disprove them, and replace them by new thoughts that cause positive emotions. You do that by disproving the old thoughts and proving the new thoughts over and over again. This process might take several hours, days, weeks, even months. You can actually apply this to any thought that might be causing you trouble, regardless of whether it was caused by psychedelic drugs or not.

Once it's all over, you'll find yourself a happier, healthier, wiser and more disciplined person than before the trip. In the end, psychedelics always change you for the better. Sometimes it just takes some time.

I would advise you not to use psychedelics anymore, at least not until they have been recognized by the scientific community and psychedelic therapy is provided in a safe environment with professional support. You might say that my view of psychedelic drugs isn't scientific... But then again, they used to say the Earth was flat.

The thing is that I suffered from severe anxiety following an LSD trip gone bad, and I completely recovered applying the technique described above. I'm even happier now than I ever was before. Take that into consideration before you criticize my information and method. Because what do you REALLY know about LSD, aside from what so-called doctors who prescribe counterproductive medication to people in actual need of help for personal financial gain told you?

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It sounds as though this was a very traumatic experience for you. If this anxiety has only started happening after you took the drugs I would say it is very likely you are having post traumatic stress disorder. You should try to see a counsellor to talk about the experience. Cognitive behavioural therapy is helpful for the symptoms you are describing. Also check out different forums on here and continue to post. If these distressing episodes continue you should have an honest talk with your Dr.

There is another type of therapy that I have found helpful...Emotional Freedom Therapy. It's also called Tapping Therapy. Look it up..I have seen great demonstrations on YouTube. It is effective and free.

And lastly, LSD is stored in the fat cells. People who have done considerable amounts of LSD can experience 'flash backs' when fat cells are metabolized through strenuous activity. I'm not sure if this explains what is happening to you though.

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Hi, ya I got the heavy breathing and palpitations during acid. it was a long day like 12 hrs. but this was at the peak.
I think that some have a propensity for anxiety, because my friends did not seem to get it, but who knows maybe some are hiding it. I did get anxiety from a lot of strong weed too. So I know it was me more nervouse. When I was peaking I would drink some beer and that would calm it if it wasn' t for that beer I would have died
Years later I had an episode. it was hallucinogenic it was a phychotic episode a lot of sounds mainly, I did not know what it was maybe borderline schitzo/anxiety. Still have voices, but Xanax has calmed it down but carefull not to take too much as   as I have had some accidents with that stuff . Take a small amount of it, and take everything calm, stay away from life stress to avoid a relapse.
Lot's of luck and god bless almost 40 yrs with this condition since age 17. Take different meds. without these I would be in sad shape. some days are rough still but I know I have to rest. Stress can make be have anxiety issues.
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