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tightness in chest
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tightness in chest

Hi All,

I am a huge sufferer of anxiety and panic as some of you know.  I have been diagnosed with PVC's and am on medication for them, but I have noticed lately that my chest seems to be tightening.  I have gallbladder issues, and gerd so I'm not sure if it has to do with that or what!  Of course I am getting quite nervous.  I have been under a lot of stress lately and I'm sure that has something to do with it.  

I get headaches, stomach aches, found out I have some other issues going on......I am just so tired of always being or feeling sick!  Does anyone else get a tight chest?  I really don't want to go to the ER.  I have an appointment w/the cardio on the 8th.....for a check up.  I have been under several doctors care for over a year now.  I actually have to fill a rx for antibiotics and am so nervous about doing that!   They keep telling me I need to get back into counseling because of all of the physical symptoms that my anxiety is causing.  I am always trying to convince myself that it's anxiety and not a heart problem, or an annuresym (sp?)'s a constant vicious cycle!

Oh, I haven't been gettng the proper amount of sleep either!  I'm really trying to exercise the faith that I know is deep down; but I am just so tired of not being able to live a normal life.  I don't even exercise anymore because I am afraid of what might happen to me.  It's gotten to where I don't want to exert any amount of energy.

Does anyone else feel this way?
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I know exactly how you feel, i just dont want to do anything anymore. Im so fed up of feeling so weird, so scared. I too get loads of strange symptoms, palpatations, headrush, tight chest etc. Cant sleep or eat at the moment.
Did you have anxiety before you were diagnosed with the PVC's?
Is your chest tight all the time or just when you feel anxious?
I have been anxious as far back as I can remember, but it finally manifested itself physically-that's when the PVC's stared.  And that is when my panic went full full blown.
My chest seems to tighten when I'm anxious.....sometimes I don't even realize that I'm anxious or tense until it happens.

It's rough I know.  I remember before I was actually diagnoed with having anxiety I went for months feeling like I couldn't breathe at night, or my hands went numb.  I had NO idea what was going on and I just dismissed it.

How long have you suffered?
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