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tiredness, (dizziness or lack of concentration), ocational back pains, ...
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tiredness, (dizziness or lack of concentration), ocational back pains, sensations over my belly

I'm 21 years old and male.
So in july i went to the doc because I was feeling extremely tired and he diagnosed me with anxiety. after I had headaches from time to time and the tiredness was still there, eventually it went away. Couple of weeks ago it came back with some dizziness or lack of concentration, and some ocassional back pain, and from one week ago( Ive had some abdominal pain on the lower-left quadrant of my abdominal and my side. I freaked out and went to the hospital, they did some blood, urine work and ultrasound and said everything was normal that it was just anxiety. Today nov 3 I went to my doctor to get some results back(urine and blood) again it came normal and i mentioned him of my abdominal pain and he sent for ultrasound. so basically, can anxiety really produce this symptoms, I freak out a lot in the past 2 weeks thinking of pancreatic cancer, ms, leukimia, brain tumor, I wish i could have more tests done. I wish the symtoms (symptoms) just went away. can somebody provide some insight on anxiety and this symptoms and whether i should just relax and believe the doctors.
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Yes extreme anxiety can create a host of symptoms. Anxiety is a very bizarre
illness. At least take comfort in knowing your tests came back negative.
Has anything changed in your life that might be causing the anxiety?
Anxiety can cause dizziness. I had a friend who thought they were having
a heart attack, went to the hospital and had tests done. Came home with the
diagnosis of anxiety as the test results were clear.
Your doctor seems caring and has sent you for tests, so he/she is probably
right about anxiety.
My doctor has been wonderful this way for me. But has given me the choice to
take some medication to help me cope. But it is my choice.
Try and not obsess about things, people with anxiety tend to do this.
Go for a walk, find something you like to do, laugh with some good friends.
Come on the forum and vent.

All the best.
about 2 months ago I started getting lower abominal pain coupled with back pain, light headedness lack of concentration, memory loss.  It got so bad that I had a hard time reading and comprehending an email.  I got blood work done a couple of ultra sounds and they all came back normal.  I was then prescribed Novo-norfloxacin and pms metronidazole because the emerg doctor didn't have any clue... my pelvic pain and everything else got some what better but didn't go away.  During this time I got very depressed, tired and anxious (I would account for this because I was feeling crappy, scared and had no clue what was going on, I felt like i was a totally different person, I couldn't do the normal things that I enjoyed) after the medication was done the next day i started getting very light headed and my lack of concentration got really bad and I was having a hard time remembering things, the pelvic pain came back but it wasn't that bad.  I have seen another doctor and a Neurologist and they have no clue.  they have ruled out anxiety, I really don't dwel or worry about things, except for this instance where I was feeling like **** and no one had any clue why.  I got an MRI done and it came back normal and my neurologist thinks my EEG will come back normal.  My new family doctor is going to send me to another Neurologist... and he refuses to run anymore blood work or other tests. .... my pelvic pain sometimes comes back and I keep wondering how pelvic pain and brain problems can be linked.... a friend of mine heard something other other day were someone was having simialr symptoms and their intestines was not digesting a much needed protein.. who knows but i'm confused.
I am on medication for the vertigo because I was having a hard time keeping my balance while standing... but i find that when my brain is asked to work even a little bit that I get light headed and have an extremely hard time focusing...  

you are not alone Criveros I just wish i could help you.
Hi guys,
For me it started about a year ago, same as what you describe, feeling ill, extreme brain fog, memory problems, cant concentrate, nausea, dizzy, tired, cold extremities, back and neck pain.. list goes on..
I was in excellent shape before that, physically and mentally, I workout 4-5 times a week, I eat well, I used to have a very sharp mind.. Now my mind is a mess, cant remember what I did 5 mins ago, very frustrating at 32.

I've been to about 5 gps, a neurologist, a ear nose throat specialist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, naturopath... they don't have a clue whats wrong,
Had numerous blood work, negative.
Head CT scan, neurologist said there's nothing physically wrong.
MRI, clear.
Endoscopy, clear. <- hope I dont have to do that one ever again.
Heart monitor test, all good.
Tried anti depressants for about a year, no improvements, in fact I got even foggier while on em.. I'm off them now.
I dont think anxiety is the cause, I think it's an effect of whatever the underlying cause is.

After I exhausted all conventional avenues, I went to a naturopath. I figured I had nothing to loose.
She put me on a anti candidat diet, I also cut cafeine, weat, dairy products and all that jazz. I stuck with that for 5 months, not one bit of improvement, I'm back on my regular diet.

My next angle if you want to call it that is to get a spinal tap, I want them to check the spinal and brain fluid to make sure there's no infection, inflammation, blockage of some sort.
So far all the tests I mentioned above I had to push the doctors to have them done, none of them wanted to put any extra efforts other that the usual: open wide, look here, poke there and send you on your way. Again, very frustrating.

I'll keep pushing them for as long as it takes until someone finds something.
Hang in there.

heyy all...
there is one solution for this problem....u should try yoga...its asanas and kriyas helps a lot...
Hi All,

Just to rule out this there any possibility you could have at any time been exposed to pesticides of any kind (through occupational handling, home use, accidental exposure). Many of the symptoms you describe are characteristic of mild pesticide poisoning. These include mental confusion, dizziness, incoordination, headaches, abdominal and joint pain, blurred vision etc. The symptoms are very hard to diagnose by GPs as they mimic those of common medical conditions. While the symptoms often set in quickly after exposure, they can also be much more progressive and chronic.

I am currently experiencing a similar set of symptoms to many described here, and am wondering if it is related to time spent working in a lab with some nasty chemicals. I too used to have a very sharp mind, but have recently become foggy, have a lack of concentration and reduced mental agility, and am experiencing joint pains, aching and a general feeling of weakness. Even if you can't think of a specific exposure, pesticides are so common in our lives today that they may be hard for many people to only has to read Rachel Carson's silent spring. It amazes me that neurotoxic poisons like these are still happily spread onto crops and released into the environment. It wouldn't surprise me if many people were unwittingly succumbing to the effects of mild pesticide intoxication.

There are a range of easy tests for pesticide poisoning and if anybody has any other thoughts or gets any futher with this line of enquiry, please set up a dialogue here....

All the best
I know these posts are old so may not apply anymore anyway, but have any of you considered ME, here is a link
It was when people get mentioning the "fogginess" in their head made me think of this.  Hope it helps someone.
Im dealing with very similar symptoms. I would love to talk too you if you dont mind. I would really like to ask some questions and see how you are going now.

Well it's been a while and thought I'd come back and give you an update.

It's now 2015 and I've finally started to feel better, much better in fact.
Probably like you, I've tried everything under the sun ( too many times ) to no avail. until I got really frustrated hearing the doctor tell me "all is fine, you're in perfect health"

Lately I've been asking the doctors for all my lab results and I go through them with a fine tooth comb, if the number is in the low end but still normal, I investigate.

In my last lab result I noticed my B12 was on the low end of normal at 278 so I asked my doc, could it be B12 defficiency? He replied with a assured no... your numbers are fine.
I went ahead anyways and did a bit more research online and noticed that in some contries, if you're below 500 you're considered low... Interesting.. some are shooting for 1000 even. I decided to give it a try.

I found a few sites with dosage and frequency and started my B12 regimen. They mentioned it takes about 1.5 month to feel the full effect.. Hey I've been feeling like absolute crap for the past 8'ish years, I got this.

The first week I took 1000mcg B12 (Methyl) every meal for a total of 3 grams per day. I think I remember getting a bit of clarity back and I
was not as tapped as usual but I've been at this long enough to not trust the first week.
The week after I decided to gradually increase the dosage by 1000mcg every day for a total of 5 grams per day, I noticed a small nagging headache at that dosage so I stopped for a day and resumed my 3 grams per day, that seems to be the dosage that works for me, zero side effects.

I'm now at week 6 (almost two months now) and I can say that this has helped me tremendously, like night and day.
I can focus again, clarity is amazing, my memory is also improving, the other day I caught myself signing along a song on the radio, there's absolutely no way I could of done this in the past, I could not get 3 words out without a pause in order to think about the next sequence of words..

I also have a lot more energy. I can actually do a full workout and I'm not drained of energy for a week after my workout, I'm actually back to 5-6 workouts per week, amazing hun? <-  it is for me :)
No more joint pain, tinnitus gone, tiredness gone.

Nothing has come close for what B12 has done for me.
I have such a mix bag of emotions with all this, I'm happy, frustrated, angry, mostly at doctors to have dismissed something as simple as a vitamin.

Focusing on the positive, I really look forward to my next B12 doses and weeks to come to see how much more I'll improve over time, it's amazing to start to feel normal again, I thought I'd lost that forever.

I remembered posting here and wanted to share what worked for me in hopes it helps someone.
It might not B12 for you(s) but if you stopped at a few injections of didnt stick with it long enough, it might be worth re-visiting.

That's it for now, feel free to ask questions but please keep in mind I'm not a doctor, I can only tell you what worked for me.

Best of luck.
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