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A question

Dear Doctor,

thank you very much for the explanations you did on my previous mail. I forgot to mention one very important issue. On my first urine analysis that i did in january i had acid uric present. During this time ive been consuming alot of water but in the second urine analysis in april i had oxalate. My sister who is a biologist adviced me to change the diet coz the diet was the one causing the problems however i was drinking alot of water. What could be your advice? The biggist problem is that im having constant pain in my big toe of the right foot, from the nail up to the toe. It is 4-5 years that the nail is not normal, kinda of fungus however ive been on medication for that, it is the same and in the culture never grows fungus. Could it be arthritis or reumat???Can it affect the nail up to the toe. The nail is very painful if i gently touch it. Fungus does not cause pain. But can arthritis affect nail? What could u recommend? any tests to calm myself? What kind of blood or urine tests should i do? And from ur experience could it be arthritis from the nail up to the toe? To mention that the nail is kinda seperated from the flesh, and it hurts alot.
Thank you very much for your valuable suggestions.
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hi friend,
How are the things moving on?
Dear Friend,
Many thanks for posting again.
Well the symptoms resemble more of GOUT rather than other form of arthritis.

I would like you to do the Serum Uric acid testing done, so as to know the details.

But can arthritis affect nail?
           Gouty arthritis can affect nails.

What could u recommend?
            Continue adequate water and have a diet, with less protein (avoid meat / fish / pulses for a while)

any tests to calm myself?
           Serum Uric Acid will be helpful.

What kind of blood or urine tests should i do?
         Do the serum uric acid of blood rather than urine.

And from ur experience could it be arthritis from the nail up to the toe?
        Can't really comment.

Let me know the report of the same.

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