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how long will arthroscopic surgery put off hip replacment
I was advised by my PCP to see a Specialist with the view of possible arthroscopic surgery on both hips. S-rays show my pubic symphysis degenerating(fusing) and both hips have bone spurs, whiskering, and a piece floating from the greater trochanter. He said if I had this minimally invasive surgery, I would be able to put off hip replacment.I tried to find info about this online, but couldn't find out much..such as is it a day surgery? How long off work? Recovery time? And how long could I put off hip replacment.  I have a great deal of spinal stenosis, degenerating osteo-arthritis, degenerative disc disease, disectomy with instrumentation at C5-6, type 2 diabetes, and bulging disc at T8, and L4-05. I am not anzious to have more surgery. But if it is in my furture, why would I do 2, instead of wait until later and just do one? Any help appreciated.
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Dear LLWB.
Arthroscopic surgery will just help the surgeon to alter the shape of the spurs and may help to remove the floating piece.But i doubt,whether the surgeon will be able to remove the full piece or give full reshaping top the head of the femur as hip joint arthroscopy is not as easy as knee joint due to scarcity of space.
For your other questions -
1) such as is it a day surgery? -
    If done specifically for loose body removal, it's usually a day care surgery.
2) How long off work?
    Really can't tell.If he does an excellent work, changes will be appreciated the next day itself.However if not too good, then pain will re-appear as the local anesthesia effect will start wearing off.
3) recovery Time?
   It's done either in Spinal/Epidural anesthesia.For apprehensive patients,can be done under general anesthesia also.Once the anesthesia effect wears off, recovery starts.This has to be aided with a good physiotherapy.
With your spinal disc problem also,it appears that there is too much arthritis affecting your daily lifestyle.
I would suggest you to go for the arthroscopy, as if done properly, it may lead you to a healthy lifestyle.
Feel free to ask me more for further clarification.
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