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laparasocpic hip surgery

After a fall, I had x-rays on both of my hips and pelvis, to rule out a break. The x-rays showed no break, but degenerative changes in both hips and pelvis. I have an old posttraumatic fragmentation at the left greater trochanter, and both greater trochanters show bone spurs. My PCP wants me to see a specialist with the view of micro-surgery on both hips to remove the arthritic changes. Has anyone had this done. My PCP's words were "with the view of putting off hip replacements... WTF!!!!!

When I wake in the morning my whole midsection is so stiff and painful I can hardly move, and can't bend over until I move around for awhile. I was told my pubic symphysis is fusing itself together, so not allowing it to move freely like it should. I have a bulging disc at L4-5, as well as spinal stenosis. I can't walk very far without pain. Actually my whole spine has lots of degenerative osteo-arthritis, as well as degenerative disc disease.

Anyone have any ideas what I can do to live with this? I have to work for a living, being a 62 year old widow. I drive 8 hrs a day as a courier, so I know my job exacerbates my problems, but I have no choice in the matter. I also have fibro, confirmed by a neurological exam. I get very frustrated with being in pain all the time, and have extreme fatigue also. Getting thru the week is a challenge. Any suggestions welcome.

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Dear LLWB,
Well you are a real brave woman and are doing good than most of the people at 62 years.
I would suggest you, not to opt for "Microsurgery" at present as it would  not help you much at 62 years. If you were around 40-45 year old, than this would had been much better.
Sooner you will require a Replacement surgery due to the arthritis.So i would suggest you to start saving up some money for the same.
Also you have mentioned about a fusing pubis symphysis.Well frankly, we can't do much in this case also and it's another example of severe arthritis that's taking place inside the joints.
I think your doctors have already ruled out RA(Rheumatoid Arthritis).If not, then they should try to rule our RA, because this much of arthritis in not expected in a degenerative cause.
So would suggest you to consult a good General Physician who can do the needful.
Regarding medicines, at present painkillers like NSAID's are enough to control the pain.Dosage should be prescribed by the treating doctor itself.
Feel free to discuss more.
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