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Am I Panicing for Nothing???
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Am I Panicing for Nothing???

The medication my Rhuemy Dr. put me on is called Hydroxychloroquine 200mg Twice a Day and Osteo Bi-flex Twice per Day too. (the Osteo Bi-flex is over the counter but it contains MSM and the Dr. said to take that too.)

Let me just tell you a couple of things that led up to the Rhuemy visit.

My right elbow hurt a couple of times it was no big deal.
Then I noticed a few weeks later, my elbow quit hurting but my right wrist was hurting a bit and my fingers seemed to tingle a bit. I went to a specialist who advised that I had carpel tunnel syndrome but we would just watch it for a bit.
My elbow quit hurting, my wrist and hand seemed to be fine..
A few weeks later, one night I told my husband that my right knee was hurting a bit and felt a little stiff. We regarded it as just "something that would pass" the next morning I woke to excruciating pain and insisted that my husband take me to the emergency room.
I got there and they drained my right knee (this with much pain) of a great deal of fluid.
I got some pain meds and went back to my orthopedic (he diagnosed my carp tun) and he said that I should see a rheumatologist.
I was advised that I was about 6-7 months out on being able to see one but I got the orders and set an appointment.
I thought it was a blessing because I was able to see this particular one in about 3 weeks. (which now I wonder why is he so easy to get to see when all others are 6-7 months out) anyway...

The Rheumy Dr. said that he didn't understand how only one joint hurt. He had really never seen this before, then he said it was prob a bacteria infection that the hospital missed. He gave me a shot for that and said it would take a couple of days or so to work. He also gave me some antibiotics.

My knees softball sized swelling went away and the pain subsided.

After the blood tests came back-
He appeared to be stumped again.
He advised that he tested for several things that mimic RA and other things that would indicate RA.
His final diagnosis was that I had proven to be negative for everything except RA.
So, now this is where he said I was a "Positive 8" and normal was "Negative 5". I don't know wht this means...
With this, he said that I had "RA".

I have some issues with the SED Rate:
My SED Rate was 7 in the emergency room but his blood tests came back at 14 (I accidently said it was 15 but its 14).
When I researched this on the computer it said that for a woman, normal was 0-30...
normal range for a
man is 0-15mm/hour
woman it is 0-30mm/hour
Newborn is 0-5mm/hour

So with the above info, am I normal or no is my biggest question.

I have my OBGYN writing me orders and I am going to see a Female Rheumy Dr. in Baton Rouge Louisiana so I can get a second and try to get some answers...
My current Rheumy Dr. and his nurse seem to be not evasive, but never able to just flat out give me some answers.

I am hoping to goodness that I am one of the ones that got a Mis-Diagnosis, but I have a new found respect for those that have this condition..

Natalie (Rednat)

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Hi Natalie

I understand now why you could get an appointment that quickly with the doctor. It is good that you are going to see another rheumy. I had the same problem. I needed to see a rheumy and all the others were booked full for 4 months and then I got in at another doctor and waited only 3 weeks. Unfortunately I stayed with him for a year before finding a new one!

I think the positive 8 that he was talking about is your rheumatoid factor. This can be positive and then you don't have RA but with all the joint symptoms and the fact that your SED rate doubled in 3 weeks leads me to believe that something isn't right and that you do have inflammation that is getting worse.

I know there isn't a cure for RA but you can manage it. Just make sure you get a rheumy that listens to you and that you feel comfortable with!

Good luck and let us know what the new rheumy says!
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Hi Kiddo,

Your sed rate is not within a high range at all.  Mine was 110 when I was dx.  I also had my knees drained of synovial fluid 3 times.  You and I have spoken, I just wanted to assure you that your sed rate is well within the normal range.  I was put on the Hydroxy when I was first dx, didn't work for me and I take Enbrel now.  Glad you are going to see another doc, keep me posted and hang in there my friend!

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