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Are my lab results for Mycoplasma, Parvovirus, & C. pneumonia norma...
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Are my lab results for Mycoplasma, Parvovirus, & C. pneumonia normal or positive?

My Rheumotologist did a really in-depth lab panel on me to try to figure out the cause of my migrating arthritis. One day it is in my wrists, one day my elbow, one day my knee, always in my Sacroiliac joints (they are swollen and warm to the touch all the time).  I had to wait 5 weeks to see him, he is very thorough and I like him but I am concerned.  I had my lab work done on Aug 6th, the results were faxed to him on the 10th.  I picked up hard copies at the lab I go to on the 12th.  Immediately things stood out and I called and left a message on the nurse-line to please call me back and let me know if I need treatment.  I also wanted to know why I had not been called with my MRI appt.  I called again yesterday and left messages.  My PT called to check on me and I told her my results and she immediately went and told the Rheumatoid nurse that she works with who called me and then called my Rhummy's office to find out what was going on (she has worked with my doc and the MA for years).  Long story short the Rhummy's nurse called me back to tell me the MRI had not been called in b/c my insurance needed my doc's dictation to approve the need for the MRI (He is doing and MRI on my SI joints) and that she would leave him a not to look at my lab tests.  I don't have a follow-up until after my MIR is done and that seems to be taking forever.  Here are the results of my labs:

Streptozyme screen: detected
reference range: none detected
Streptozyme Titer: 1:200
Reference range: less than 100

Anti-streptolysin O 103 (0-200) Iu/mL
Ferrin (iron) 40              (23-137) ng/mL
Immunoglobulins, Qt

IgG     1350    (694-1691)  mg/dL
IgA      369     (68-378)  mg/dL
IgM   H 303    (60-263)   mg/dL

Mycoplasma IgG/IgM
Mycoplasma IgG  *Positive  (NEG)
Mycoplasma IgM  *Positive  (NEG)

Parvovirus DNA PCR  Not detected

Parvovirus IgG IgM
Parvovirus IgG 3.15    (1.11 and higher Positive)
Parvovirus IgM 0.08    (.89 and lower Negative)

Lyme Disease Acute
Lyme Disease Ab  0.06  (reference range 0.00-1.20)

Result      HLA-B27:  Absent

C. pneumoniae Abs

C. Pneumoniae IGG antibodies
Result: 1.64 titer
Reference <1.16 titer

C. Pneumonia IGM
Result: 1.20 titer
Reference <1.10 titer

C, Pneumonia IGA
Result: 1.16
Reference <1.16

Celiac IgA 375 (68-378)
Celiac TTG AB IgA
Tis. Transglut Ab IgA  1  (0-19)

Please, if you see anything that should be worrisome or on the contrary anything that indicates all is A-okay please let me know!!!!  I am utterly confused.  My PT insists that I need anti-virals.  I have not heard from my Rhummy.  Since I am going a bit crazy not knowing what to think I am going to get advice from all of you!!  Afterall, this is all new (since first wk of June) for me.  
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bumping this up hoping someone will answer.
1401023 tn?1280784958
thanks.  I don't think anyone does.  I am still fighting w/ docs.  Still don't have any answers.  It *****.
Avatar m tn
positive, sounds like you have a chronic old infection that is still current. I've had similar problems, two knee surgeries that didnt heal, chronic bronchitis etc...I finally found an alternative doctor that put me on doxycycline 100mg X 2
my igg was 2.3, now after 6 weeks its down to 1.6 and I'm improving...I'm doing another 6 week cycle (several 6 week cycles are needed, sometimes up to 6)
doctors aren't very knowledgeable in regards to mycoplasmas and their treatment, treatment is much like lymes disease. google mycoplasma pneumonia & myco arthritis
low dose, short duration of prednisone helps too...along w/vitamins such as collodial silver, oregano oil, vit d, vit b, selenium
avoid alcohol, smoke, dust, pollution patient, this is very tough to get rid of due to mycoplasmas lack of a cell wall
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