Blister-looking bump on finger
by joycekatherine, May 26, 2009
My hands have been swollen and my fingers hurt pretty bad, especially both my index fingers at the first
joint just past the nail, also on that joint is a blister-like bump that is very noticeable and extremely
painful.  What are these blister-like bumps and are they related to Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid??
I have been diagnosed with Osteo in my it possible to have both osteo and rheumatoid??
I'd appreciate any comments and thanks in advance...
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by txsilver, May 26, 2009
If the bump looks like a blister which is on the skin rather than a bump or cyst that is under the skin, it is probably not a rheumatoid nodule.  Still, with your fingers hurting and the bump near a joint, I think you should have your doctor take a look at it.  It is possible to have more than 1 type of arthritis at once.  I know because I do (leave it to me to pick a short straw!)  Please let us know what you find out.
by joycekatherine, May 27, 2009
The bump isn't a real blister, it is under the skin and hard, it seems that once the bump appears, the joint doesn't hurt as bad as it had been!!  I had a feeling that you would tell me I could have 2 kinds of arthritis at the same time...I am also dealing with thyroid problems right now, so I'm really leaning toward autoimmune, plus I have a lot of the symptoms for Sjogren's...wooohooo, I think I may have hit the trifecta of autoimmune
diseases/syndromes!!!  I have to laugh so I don't cry...if you have time, please read my
journal and give me your take on the situation...I'm sorry that you got the short straw...thanks for getting back to me so quickly...oh, so is this nodule indicative of rheumatoid arthritis??
by txsilver, May 28, 2009
Yes, can I relate!  Have a few autoimmune things going on myself.  What you are describing could be a cyst or it could be a rheumatoid nodule.  It is definitely worthy of investigation by your doctor.  With all you have going on, I truly hope you will learn that it is a cyst or a calcium deposit or some such thing.  Please talk to your doc and let us know what you find out.
by txsilver, May 29, 2009
Wow, just read your journal entries.  I am stunned.  You are really going through it!  Have you seen your rheumy since all of this started going on?  A lot of this sounds autoimmune.  I would recommend you get all your docs talking to eachother.  BTW, your hubby sounds great!  Glad you have him on your side.
by joycekatherine, May 30, 2009
Thanks so much for taking the time to read my journal...ENT suggests and Endo, but, I am at the point of not wanting to waste anymore time with someone who can't or won't help me...have not seen Endo or Rheumy yet...even though I've had dry eyes and dry mouth for many years, could never get anyone to listen to me and take me seriously...but, due to all the stuff that's happened recently, I am done messin around!!
I am on antibiotic right now and my tongue is on FIRE!!!  I can hardly eat anything because everything tastes funny and burns my tongue like acid...and as a diabetic, I have to eat!!!  If I wasn't so mad I'd sit down and cry, but, I know crying doesn't get you anywhere so I'll stay a little mad and hopefully get something done about this once and for all!!!  My hubby is a good guy, thanks for saying that, I am going to show him your note cuz, he thinks I only complain about him!! LOL  I will be making an appt Monday with either an Endo or Rheumy or both...and I totally agree with you that this is autoimmune...Am I right that I need an antibody test and possibly a lip biopsy?? For thyroid and Sjogren's, respectively??  Thanks again...let you know what happens...
by catzz, May 30, 2009
Your blister-like bumps possibly might be erythema nodosum, a panniculitis (inflammation of fatty tissue) and, surprise surprise, yet another autoimmune connective tissue inflammatory disorder.  Last year my gp thought I might have this in light of years of autoimmune probs and I was directed to dermatology for ?biopsy, but the sore bumps on my fingers actually cleared up before the appointment date and happily have not returned.  
Good idea to see rheumatologist asap.  Main thing is that any specialists you see need to be first class diagnosticians and are able to muddle through the murky waters of autoimmune disorders!  
by txsilver, May 30, 2009
Excellent points from catzz.  Yes, I think you need a lot of tests including the antibody.  Maybe not the lip biopsy unless the doc won't diagnose sjogrens without it.  I really think the rhuemy is the place to start.  While we read a lot of posts about bad experiences, there are some really great ones out there.  I consider them to be the best and brightest of all docs because of the vastness of their specialty.  Please do keep us posted and give that hubby a hug!  I love reading about supportive, caring spouses.  Makes all the difference in the world when you go through this.
by joycekatherine, Jun 06, 2009
Sorry that it's taken me a while to get back to this forum and my question about my finger bumps!  I have an appt with an endo on 6/24 and am looking into a rheumy as rheumy's deal with thyroid and other glandular problems or is that strictly endo??  My hands hurt so bad that just vacuuming is torture (holding onto the handle) and they are so swollen and tight feeling that at times it's hard to get a drop of blood out of them to test my blood sugar...and God help me if I accidentally bump one of those bumps on my index's like an instant toothache in my finger!!  speaking of toothaches, due to dry mouth my teeth are disintegrating and so more pain and seeing dentist for a partial...I feel like one big ball of pain!!!  Oh, one more symptom, don't know if it's related to???? anything...I have a red petechia-looking rash on both of my legs, doesn't itch or burn or hurt and is not raised...any ideas on what that might be??  Everyone here on MH has been so nice and helpful and I really appreciate it so much...I always have said that we know our bodies better than any doctor ever could, that's why it's great to hear from real people with the same stuff going on...thanks
by catzz, Jun 06, 2009
The petechia-looking rash on your legs may be purpura which is similar but with larger eruptions and both rashes can indicate some sort of autoimmune process.  Specialists tend to stick to their own speciality unless it's clearly overlapping into their territory and something they in part deal with.  Main thing is - you're going through a ****load of awful symptoms right now and hopefully your endo can fast-track you to a rheumy or whatever the best direction is. However - if it were me, I would be doing whatever possible to get this all checked out yesterday, if not sooner!  Often, the best way to get some action happening is to go through Emerg (bring a book...) - and in light of the new rash might not be a bad idea.  (I'm in Canada, if the Emerg route is incorrect advice depending on your location, I apologize.)  Nonetheless, you really need to be properly examined and diagnosed asap.  Good luck!