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Hi. I am a 41 yr old male who has had a lot of symptoms over the last 10 years. Unfortunately my GP has been as confused as me.

Here's the prob:

• body aches
• muscle pain
• headaches
• constant sore lymph nodes
• joint pain
• random nerve pain (and pin pricks that would come and go throughout entire body)
• fatigue
• muscle twitching
• anxiety

Not as frequent
• heart palpitations (feeling of irregular beat)

My GP has run a lot of blood work since 2001 when the symptoms started. I've had CBC, sed rate, metabolic panel, calcium, heavy metals, CPK, Lipase, ANA, thyroid panel, Lyme, VIT D 25 OH, cortisol, urine tests for metanephrines & catecholamines, lipid panel, liver enzymes, liver and thyroid ultrasounds, abdominal CT, head MRI, electromylogram w/nerve velocity testing.. and probably a dozen more than I forgot to list. They're all normal. I am happy that everything looks good, but disappointed at the same time since I've suffered many years. My GP has all but given up on running any more tests.

Pain is caused by inflammation, so. I am pretty sure that I am having a runaway inflammation problem as the root cause, which appears to be irritating CNS nerves and manifesting much of the pain I am experiencing. My neck lymph nodes are also always sore and swollen and recently I've been having some joint pain at night in my fingers if I dont take some ibuprofen before bed.

Much of the lab work has been run 2-3 times over the years but no bad markers. The symptoms, however, are pretty real and can be severe at times. This has the hallmarks of some sort of immunological and/or inflammatory problem, but sed rate, ANA, CBC, etc all come back normal every time.

Any insight as to what might be going on would be gratefully appreciated.
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I have a lot of the same symptoms so U R not alone and not crazy. I found a forum about odd nerve sensations in fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and was surprised to hear about others having a lot of the same symptoms I have. In some cases in conjunction with other things like RA and osteo. Link is    Worth a read. Good luck and God bless!
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