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Introduce myself

Hi everyone!  I'm brand new to this forum.  My name is Laura.  I'm 33 yrs old. I have 3 kids.  A daughter, who is 12, and 2 sons that are 4 and 2.  

I filed for disability early this year, do to all my health's my list.

1. Hypothyroidism dx'ed 4yrs ago.
2. MS dx'ed last year in July
3. Ocular migraines dx'ed in March
4. Small fiber neuropathy dx'ed in the past 2 weeks.
5. Fibro dx'ed in the last 2 weeks
6. Osteoarthritis in my L. Knee and spine.  Top to bottom. Dx'ed in the last 2 weeks.
7. Chronic sinusitis dx'ed a month ago.

I'm on over 20 different meds.  However, I'm going to start weaning myself off of most
because I don't know which ones work anymore.

I've been thrown all of this at once, and it's very overwhelming.  I hope this forum will help me with a portion of my medical issues, and I hope I can lend some support to others that need it!

Thanks for listening!
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Hey Laura!

Well, the medications prescribed in the conditions may not only be just to treat the symptoms but also to delay the progression of a few conditions, while a few may need tapering before they are stopped. Hence the decision to stop medications is best taken after discussion with your treating doctor(s).
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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Hey Laura,

I have been on both sides of the fence (medically speaking) and I
can assure you with certainty that anyone taking 20 different meds
has very little opportunity of getting better.
I have three very good Pharmacist friends and one of them is the Chief Chemist in a major hospital in Europe. We have discussed this topic many times
Medication must ALWAYS be prescribed only after careful
consideration of all the relevant facts, test results and clinical evaluation.
Each new additional drug has to be checked for interactivity with each of the previous ones.
(should you do your own check for this- search drug interaction checker-
you will discover that your doctors and pharmacists have broken protocol multiple times, as you will find  numerous serious or significant drug interactions.)
Unfortunately this is the direction of conventional medicine and situations like this are now accepted as "normal".

Prescription medication is just one tool, to aid the body,recover.
The immune system is the ONLY means by which the body heals.
Many other factors must be addressed in order to resolve disease.
These factors are not even mentioned by most medical doctors.

While Dr. Kaul's advice is correct, in regards to discussing the discontinuation of any of your medications with your treating doctor(s),
I would recommend that you take it one step extra and consult a holistic minded MD- as your prescription happy doctor may not necessarily be your best option for this.

And finally, I do feel that there are common underlying causes, for some of your conditions that have not been investigated due to possible complexities and time "consuming" investigation.
You are so young, there's a chance that once the underlying causes are verified and addressed, you may find yourself on the path of recovery.
This is not easy by any means and conventional medicine does not have a "medical cure" for most of your conditions, as it's more structured for treating acute conditions more successfully than chronic serious conditions, where success is definitely lagging.

Please post again, with your comments and questions.
Wish you well.

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