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Possible Spondyloarhropathy etc??
I've had this mess going on for 8 months (since June 2010).  Here's a brief timeline:

June 2010 : Intense burning pain in lower back, sometimes pain running down back of legs almost daily.

July : Super-intense burning back pain - went to Urgent Care.  CBC showed 15000 WBC with 90% neutrophils.
         CT-scan of abdomen didn't show anything.   ESR and C-Reactive normal.  Blood Chemistries normal. No
          Diagnosis, pain subsided and went home.
July - September:   Daily intense lower back pain, with some migratory wrist, finger, ankle and toe pain.  September visited Doctor: test for lyme, rheumatoid factor, anemia, ANA........everthing normal including CBC.

October: Same pain as before, Abdominal ultrasound was done........everything normal.  Started having eye pain in back of eyes with numerous floaters in field of vision.

November-December: Started having ribcage pain in both front and back.  Intense burning / pressure feeling.  Neck feels swollen and hurts sometimes.  Found a new doctor.   Tested for STDs, more general tests such as CBC all normal.  Did PET-CT of abdomen.   Adrenal glands lit up slightly on PET-CT.  Doctor did various Adrenal tests (hormones, cortisol, ACTH etc).  Only finding was that cortisol is at the high end of the normal range.  If you ask me, it's high because I've been having chronic pain for months.

January 2011 - Today:  Still testing Adrenal function, but not likely to be the cause of my problems.

Now, I do have Psoriasis.  I asked my doctor about possible Psoriatic / Reactive  Arthritis.  He said no because none of my joints are inflamed / swollen with limited range of motion.    Is it possible to still have one of these types
of Arthritis without  inflamed joints?   Any other ideas....I'm dying here.
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