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Rash and Lupus
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Rash and Lupus

I have many of the symptoms of lupus and posted them before.  For the last year I have had a rash on and off on the top of my leg and there is now a patch on my back.  I do itch with dry skin and am on myocyline? for roscea. I am also on Effexor for depression which has helped my joint and muscle aches at night.  At one point due to my facila rash, Lupus was mentioned.  I do have a Dr. appointment in mid-June.  I am also continually tired and can sleep just about anywhere, even sitting up on my 10 minute work break.  My Dad passed away with non-Hodgkins Lymphoba and his only symptom was being tired.  I also have concerns about it. I am hoarse a lot but teach PE and have a feeling like something is stuck in my throat.  I was tested for thyroid.  I have had blood work done.  However, I am not sure what I should ask for for tests as my Dr. just seems to make notes of my symptoms and felt it was not lupus but roscea and depression. Is this another symptom for lupus   and what about non-hodgkins?  What tests or blood results should I ask about?
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Lupus is a combination of a clinical and lab diagnosis.  An ANA level would be suggestive of the disease.  

Symptoms that can occur with lupus include joint pain, muscle pain, fever, weight loss or gain.  Lupus can nearly affect any organ system, so if you are having any pulmonary or GI symptoms, this can be caused by lupus as well.  

Blood tests like a CBC can help with the diagnosis of non-Hodgkins.  Other tests to consider include:
    * Tests of renal and hepatic function, including LDH
    * Electrolytes, uric acid
    * Chest x-ray
    * CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis

If there is lymph node enlargement, a biopsy can also be considered.

These options can be discussed with your personal physician.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
Have you been tested for Lyme disease and other tick coinfections?

Your the combination of aching joints and a rash could be Lyme. Often people with very small, hard itchy bumps have the coinfection Babesia.

You might want to post your symptoms on under the "Medical Questions" section, and you can see what other people with similar symptoms think.

I would strongly urge you to see a Lyme experienced physician, which you can find by typing in your location to "Flash Discussions", then "Find a Physician" here:

Only rarely will a rheumatologist test for Lyme, because they often follow the lead of infamous rheumatologist Dr. Steere, who has has positioned the disease as arthritis-only, rare, easy to treat, and easy to cure. He's written all the medical textbooks on Lyme, and edits most of the Rheumie journals.

You can see a comprehensive list of symptoms in peer-reviewed journal articles under "Symptoms and Characteristics (peer-reviewed literature)" on my website:

Be aware that testing through the commercial labs is notoriously insensitive, with the FDA-approved test kits missing over 50% of positive cases.

In my opinion, IGenex, which specializes in tick-borne diseases, is the only reliable Lyme lab, because they test for multiple Lyme strains, not just the B31 Shelter Island strain, and they report on the most specific Lyme markers, the 31kDa and 34kDA bands. IGenex has recently passed Cal., NY, and CDC quality testing with flying colors. You can download the IGenex testing forms from my website; give these to your MD if you want to use this lab. MDL isn't bad a bad lab either.

Fewer than half the people with Lyme ever see a tick bite or a rash. You have the right to take control of your medical care. Don't let the doctors drag your feet. Every day you have Lyme, the harder it is to get rid of.

I don't think you ever get rid of lyme disease you just have to control the symptoms. Right or wrong?
I personally know a lot of people who are cured, or at least get back to 90-95% of normal.
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