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What Questions or Articles should I have prepared for the Internist / R...
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What Questions or Articles should I have prepared for the Internist / Rheumatologist?

I am going to the Internist on May 21, 22 due to my blood test coming back after complaints of extreme pain in my bones, tendons and muscles.

Background: Hepatitis C Treatment - Sustained Virologic Response ("cured") - minimal liver damage. Interferon possibly causing some sort of AutoImmune Disease - or arthritis.

On Quest Diagnostics - this was my results:


RHEUMATOID FACTOR                             92 H *********************

C-Reactive Protein                                   0.17
Hemoglobin A1c 2ith MPG Hemoglobin Alc            5.5

41 year old female.

So --- what questions should I be asking?

Are there any articles I can cite - or any tests I should ask for?

Thank you ahead of time - for any and all opinions - I'm not sure it's arthritis based on the ANA testing - however - we're talking I'm in extreme pain... To the point I can't sleep and I am having a hard time walking and bending over - etc.

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Sorry to hear you are in such pain and kudos to you for getting prepared!  
At my first rheumy appt. with the best doc I have met, I needed a complete and total medical history.  Evven little things like whether or not I had growing pains as a child (yes, horrendous ones) and any problems my mother had while pregnant with me.
I also needed my family medical history.  I even mentioned great aunts and cousins as that is where many of the autoimmune diseases manifested in my family.
Document where you hurt, how long it lasts from the time you wake, where it rates on a scale from 1-10, whether it improves or is worse with exercise.
Have every doctor you have seen send over medical records and test results.  If you have had a MRI or x-rays, get to the facility and get copies of the films to take with you to your appointment.
Do not leave out a single symptom and document them all.  Even if it does not seem to be related to joint pain - ex. dry, gritty eyes
Take a complete list of meds you take, strengths and frequency.  If there are drugs that have not worked well for you, list them and what problems they caused you.

That's all I am coming up with of the top of my head.  Will write more if I think of something later.  Hang in there and good luck!
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Thank you so very much for that --- I hadn't thought to get family history.

Excellent idea.

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Kudos my friend, you gave GREAT advice to meki!    How are you feeling these days?
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