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acromioclavicular arthritis
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acromioclavicular arthritis

I have acromioclavicular arthritis, and am in need of an operation.
The problem is I cant have the operation as the 8 week recovery makes it impossible financially.
I work in physical therapies so use the usual infra red, acupuncture and laser for pain control.
Does anyone have any other ideas for drug free pain control?
Dr Les Bailey
Dr Les Bailey phd, DO, Acopm, Apta
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Hey Dr. Les Bailey.

Welcome to the forum.

Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO),  formula: (CH3)2SO
DMSO 30% solution with distilled water and only 10% solution for neck line and above -lab grade- applied in thin coats over clean painful areas is a great way to relief pain fast and to also get the antioxidant benefit s of DMSO.
Not available easily! Must be purchased from veterinarian supply shops, as it's not FDA approved. I obtained mine through a friend who's a Veterinarian.
Not sure about availability in the U.K.
A very fundamental remedy for horses and farm animals.
People that grew up in a farm will relate to this.
Just follow the aforementioned instructions.
Works real good for pain.
I managed to completely take care of my bout of pleurisy a few months ago, using DMSO, Reiki and Self-Hypnosis.
(I don't do doctors or hospitals unless it's a true emergency. lol!)
Otherwise, I would have been out of commission!
I was quite functional and actually managed to go to work without missing a day.

Primary Pharmacological actions of Dimethyl Sulfoxide :

(A) membrane penetration
(B) membrane transport
(C) effects on connective tissue
(D) anti-inflamation
(E) nerve blockade (analgesia)
(F) bacteriostasis
(G) diuresis
(H) enhancement or reduction of effectiveness of other drugs
(I) cholinsterase inhibition
(J) nonspecific enhancement of resistance of infection
(K) vasodilation
(L) muscle relaxation
(M) enhancement of cell differentiation and function
(N) antagonism to platelet aggregation
(O) influence on serum cholesterol in experimental hypercholesterolemia
(P) radio-protective and cryoprotective actions
(Q) protection against ischemic injury

Source: Stanley W. Jacob and Robert Herschler
Department of Surgery • Oregon Health Science University • Portland, Oregon  97201

I have many remedies for pain management "up my sleeve" and should you
be interested, just PM me any time.

Just curious. Have you gone through 3 months (minimum) of the non-operative treatment protocol, without any acceptable improvement?

I hope this helps.

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thank you niko.
this is an interesting reply and one which is going to open up a line of enquiry for me.
Looks like more hours at the keyboard!!!
Will pm you with many questions in the next week Im sure.
Thanks again.
Dr Les Bailey
Dr Les Bailey phd, DO.
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