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can anyine figure whats going on wirh me
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can anyine figure whats going on wirh me

ive been in agony with my neck back and both knees for years im thirty. but recently ive had theses new symptoms:

extreme fatugue-do few dishes and need sleep
pain in hands to my elbow (eletric shock type pain)
stiffness allover evey morning for at least ine to two hours
achy joints allover but seem to ache in twos e.g both hands both knees.
fingers ache when typing
both thumbs lick and very painful
cant stand for long about five muns pain so bad in kbres
when sat resting go all stiff and cannit move for atleast 20mins.
left hip locks and is too paunful ti walk on
stiff neck for at least 5 years
now my feet seem to start off and get the electric type pain in my feet
feet are always cold and purplish colour
condtantly feel ill
always catch colds etc
had temperture raised for a week now
always getting utis and viral infections
sharp eletrical pain in chest only fir few seconds then goes
pain in bum area at bottom
sweat more at night
always feel dizzy and realkt weak in shower or in heat
sometumes blurred vision and eye pain
numbness in elbows on rare occasion
itchy head like ive got bugs crawling in head but i dint have nits once a week
generally feeling ill all tge time
wantung to pee all the time but dont seem finish and have gi back all tge time
heavy periods alit heavier than normal.
weakness in whole body
trouble breathing like im breathless most the time
swollen glands in neck and swollen nodes under arms constantly
numb patch on face comes and goes.

ive been to docs and all he does is give me pain killers and antibiotics for utis that dont seem to work. had uti for two years now and im getting depressed as noone will help. ive been dx eith underactive thyriod thst my levels are normal and ibs but not had trouble with stomach for years till now
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Hi there!

Well, without a clinical evaluation it would be difficult to determine the cause of your symptoms. Possibilities that may need to be considered include infections, inflammations, degeneration, nutrient deficiencies, hormonal/ endocrine/ metabolic issues, neuro-muscular causes, immune related issues, drug/ medication side effects, allergies, autoimmunity etc. More than a single cause to the symptoms is a high possibility. At this stage it would be best to have these evaluated by a primary care physician initially and depending on the cause(s) diagnosed or suspected, it can be managed accordingly or specialist care may be sought.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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thanks for your reply. my doctor after six years of asking has finally decided to sent me to a rhemy for some tests. so hopefully i will find out whats wrong soon.
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