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heel spur
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heel spur

How to get rid of heel spurs, besides surgery???
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First of all, make sure you have heel spurs and not plantar fascitis. The two often occur together, but not always. You'll need to see a doctor and possibly get xrays.

Treatment for both is similar:
- avoid activities that aggravate the pain
- get properly fitting shoes
- apply ice packs
- specific exercises and stretches, performed morning and evening
- anti-inflammatory medications
- shoe inserts (prescription)
- night splints to keep your heel in a stretched position all night (prescription)
- time - it takes 3 months to a year to decide if the above conservative approach is going to work

If conservative treatment doesn't work, cortisone shots can be tried, but the long term effects of these make some doctors reluctant to perform them - and it's only a temporary stopgap measure, anyway. Some may try something called shock wave therapy as a last resort before surgery.

I urge you to see an orthopedic surgeon who will prescribe the proper non-surgical treatment - you don't necessarily need surgery right away, but you will need to follow the doctor's non-surgical treatment religiously for many months. My husband has these and has to do exercises and find the right shoes to work out and run in.
Firm arch supports in the shoes.   Firm but not cement like.  
I suggest the 3/4 length semi rigid orthotics by Spenco and PowerStep.
They run about 30$ and are available online thru

I think you heel cords are tight (Achilles tendons)
stretch your calves 3 times a day for a full minute
Put a phone book on the floor up against wall
Stand with heels on floor and the balls of your feet over the edge of the phone book.  No rocking No calf raises
Just stand there and lean into the wall to stretch this region
When the heel cords are tight, they yank or pull the heel bone when they attach when you walk, squat, etc.  
This stimulates bone growth (the spur) which is the body's attempt to make a bridge of sorts to decrease the amt of pulling to the heel bone (the calcaneus)  
Good luck
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