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Hi All - I am at my wits end - I am going to see my doctor in a couple of weeks because that is how long it takes to get an appointment now !! anyway, I have been suffering from pain in my lower back (pain, numbness, tingling) this spreads down through my hips, the backs of my thighs and into my calf muscles on both sides, so that my legs feel tingly and numb pretty much 24/7 - I am uncomfortable sitting, sleeping (even having duvet on me hurts my lower back) so I have to sleep on my tummy and I am soooo uncomfortable sitting at work (Im a PA so do a lot of that !) ... to add to that I have bunions, and it's now becoming excrutiatingly painful to walk, and after periods of inactivity I get up and walk around like a 90 year old (am 44) .. this is constant .. it's not excrutiating pain (bar my feet) but it is very, very uncomfortable .. I actually suffer from pain all over, but think that is down to bad posture, but this is all getting progressivley worse and is making me very unhappy - I have been doing some research on it and as with anything, it could be a million and one things - bad diet(I am overweight by about 2 stone) poor exercise, fybromyalgia, arthiritis, the list is endless .. I guess I just needed to brain dump on you guys and if anyone has experienced anything similar to give me some idea of what I might be looking at .. I am so uncomfortable it's unreal ....

PS when I went to my doctor before for the numbness in my lower back (it wasn't spreading everywhere then) he took blood tests, all came back normal except for folic acid deficiency, so he gave me folic acid tablets, which did absolutely nothing ...
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Hi tracey and welcome to the forum.

Folic acid deficiency takes up to 4 months to correct, so don't expect
fast results. Also there could be an underlying issue with folic acid absorption or high demand, as this type of deficiency is not common at all!
You should discuss this with your doctor.

I understand your frustration, but it takes long time for certain chronic conditions to develop, therefore, it would take a long time to treat.
There's no silver bullets, no instant fixes as marketing and advertising
want you to believe.

Inactivity, sedentary lifestyle, and lack of exercise are making things worse for you.
You must address your bunion issues. There are many options you can consider, and you really don't have much of a choice.
Your mobility, is linked to your fitness, independence and your long term
You are still very young and it saddens me to read  that you walk around like a 90 year old.
There may be underlying undiagnosed issues, however, you need to deal with the obvious ones first.
Also, a good resource for back issues and pain is Dr. Sarno's books.
You can do a search under his name for a set of 7 free video clips,
on YouTube.
Hope this helps and if you need more suggestions let me know.
Take care.

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