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sore feet in the morning
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sore feet in the morning

HI, I have sore feet in the morning and throughout the day after sitting for a half hour or so.
I have read other Q&A's and the anwsers don't fit.
I'm hoping to get some direction for what to ask my doctor to look for.
-my feet feel as though they are swollen but they are not and only after sleeping or sitting
-they are so sore on the bottoms and upward through the middle of my feet that it is very difficult to walk
-the pain is throughout both foot, definately no specific areas like a tendon, ligament or muscle
-the pain last for only a minute or two at most and begins to go away as soon as I stand and/or begin to walk and is gone within a minute or so as if it was never there
-it does not came back as long as I'm up and walking
-it started about six months ago and seems to be getting worse although I don't think it's possible for them to hurt any more than they do at this point and the timing of one to two minutes after getting up hasn't changed or lengthened
My health:
I'm 46yrs, 6'1',' 210lbs, muscular, very active and in great health.
I exercise 5 days a week and have for 25 years straight without a blip, weight training and cardio (more weights than cardo)
I've never had any problems like this before and don't have any other issues suchs as back, joint, respiratory, or cardio problems.
I'm allergic to NSADs so unfortunately so I can't take asprins or ibuprofens.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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I've had this problem for quite a while and haven't determined exactly what causes it for me.  I do have hypothyroidism which can cause this and finally they are trying to determine if I have Lupus and/or Rheumatoid arthritis.  I also have fibromyalgia.  Do check with your doctor and have a complete blood work up done along with tests for your thyroid, Lupus panel, RF factor.  Good luck.  Come back and let us know.
this might sound silly but try 'simple' first: have you been wearing different shoes during the past few months? What do you wear when you do your workouts? weight training with bare feet or the wrong support shoes can make your feet ache in the night. It's related to arthritis and I know what it's like. If i wear certain shoes during the day, this happens to me. give it some thought. good luck
I have the exact same symptoms. When I first get up in the morning or get up after sitting. The first few steps are killers. The more I walk the more it goes away.
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