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Can a Tooth Extraction Cause A Sinus Infection
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Can a Tooth Extraction Cause A Sinus Infection

Last Tuesday i had tooth # 2 removed ( Upper ) and next day i came down with a major Migraine and few days later my body started to hurt and nose got congested  , i went to the Dr. who said this was a sinus infection. I searched online and did not find anything suggesting a sinus infection can be caused by a tooth extraction. I read Sinus Infection on Mayo Clinic 's website and it describe more serious immune system problems can cause it , now i am really freaking out.

It has been about 7 days now , anyone got any opinions or advise ?

I never had this before and if anyone has any opinions , please help.
Symptoms : Nasal Congestion , Serious Headache , Body Aches , Pain near eyes , Upper Jaw pain.

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Hi and thanks for using the forum.

Sinus infections are farely common and do not indicate, by themselves, a serious immune system problem.  When you went to the doctor, did they give you a prescription for an antibiotic?

The oral surgeon will generally give you a prescription for an antibiotic prior to removing a tooth to prevent an infection- this is fairly common also.

You can call the oral surgeon or ask the dentist at your appointment for a new pain medication prescription.  Explain that you lost the medication and are having  a lot of pain.  Usually they will give you a new presciption.  

Often times, with a sinus infection, patients get a post-nasal drip- with thick mucus that pours down the back of their throat.  You could try a sinus rinse (like a Neti-Pot) but I have a feeling most of your pain is related to the fact that you are not taking any pain medication after having your tooth pulled.  

If you can tolerate taking ibuprofen, this may help with the pain until you get a new prescription.  Good Luck and I hope you feel better soon- tooth pain is terrible and sinus infections are not very nice either.  


Forgot to add.

Update : Nurse Bridgette

What happened was my tooth was bothering me and i went to a dentist which told me to go to a oral surgeon. She gave me a prescription of Amoxicillian and Pain reliever , I am unsure why she gave the antibiotics. Anyways , a few days later i went to the oral surgeon who removed the tooth and said my root was curved which was causing the pain. They were going to write a prescription but i informed the the previous dentist gave me one already , problem is i lost the medicine . Now two days after the extraction i have a serious migraine with lots of pressure , followed by nasal congestion and pressure in my head , mucus is dripping out my nose and when i do blow my nose it is a very nasty foul odor that makes me gag , at night seems as if i have a low grade fever , because i feel cold at night. My body is aching and never felt like this before ever in my life , i am so scared.

I really do not know what to do now , im going back to the dentist tomorrow and show her what the oral surgeon did just in case something is wrong. Anyways Mr.Tsang what should i do next ?? Also is this common or rare ??

I noticed you said not to blow my nose ? I feel as if i have to unless it will be swallowed. Would you recommend a Neti Pot , I just need help really bad because this pain is overwhelming.
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