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In Trinidad (Caribbean) there is definitely not a wide scope for children with Autism.  My son Trent was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. He is 8 years old and he excells in swimming.  There are not many stores here that contain gluten / casein free stuff.  He craves cheese and i have cut down alot of it but i feel sorry for him at times and i will give in to his need for it.   How does not having these proper foods in his diet prevent him from developing properly.  Is there a delay in the brain? etc.....
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this is one of those topics that divide people, i have aspergers and eat bread with gluten in it and it has no affect and will not exagerate my symtoms (symptoms)
my son is allowed to have red and blue drinks in moderation
everything we eat is not organic
i believe that having gluten in your diet iis much safer than all the medication being given to children everyday
i hate to see someone give their child adderall (adderrall)(narcotic) then turn around and say "oh, we are on the asper diet"
i believe that mediaction can prevent your child from developing properly, not the small percent of gluten in cheese
however, you must go by your heart,
If you have seen his behavior change as a direct result of cheese, then do not give it to him
i believe that all people should eat 2 servings of dairy and 2 servings of fruits and veggies a day
i also believe that when children are denied certain foods it could led to them craving what they have been denied, like what is happening with your child
my neighbor's son is on such a strict diet, when we have our socials,, this kid goes nuts at the snack table
parenting is all about choice, if what you are doing now with your sons diet is not working, then move on to something different
eventually you will find out what works,
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