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Do I have as pergers or what?
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Do I have as pergers or what?

- Can only think of the bad things I did in the past. Sometimes can't get them out of my head, usually have flashbacks.
- Worry to the extreme. I easily get paranoid about a lot of things, even the little.
- Always have the feeling everyone is watching you in public, talking behind your back, and secretly hate you.
- Have a hard time believing or trusting others.
- Selfish personality. Can't think about others. Only myself.
- Always feeling alone. Nobody bothers to talk to me or let me into the group. I always have to be the one to start a conversation.
- Always feeling that I'm getting judged by everyone by what I look like and my actions.
- I care what people think of me to the extreme.
- Unable to show emotion most of the time. Hard time crying but can feel the desire deep down. Can never find anything to be happy about.
- Suffer from mood swings. ( My thoughts and feelings keep changing daily. Not my actions. )
- Hate the way I look. Never able to think of anything positive.
- Always have a certain song stuck in my head. Keeps playing over and over again.
- Obsessed with video games, computers, and music.
- Monotone voice. Sometimes can get my real voice out. Sometimes.
- Always chewing at my nails and tearing at my skin.
- Love to pop zits and pick at moles, leaving scars. Can't break the desire.
- Can never think anything positive about myself.
- When asked if theres something bad about me, I say everything without any detail.
- I have speech trouble. Usually speak to fast, loud, or soft. Hard time pronouncing some words.
- Horrible memory. Can only remember bad things in my past.
- Never able to calm or relax. Trouble with sleeping. Sometimes wake up in the middle of the night for no reason.
- Hard time describing thoughts.
- Mind always feels clouded, hard time concentrating.
- Like to be touched or hugged as long its not in public or if I'm not in a good mood ( Which is most of the time )
- Able to make good eye contact.
- Love to fantasize, can't stop thinking about playing video games in my head.
- I DO NOT act like a child. The only thing really childish about me is how I try to act funny all the time and end up annoying everyone.
- Always wanting to be alone but have the desire to socialize at the same time. Need to take breaks from people often.
- Okay social skills. Able to get along with everyone well. Just have trouble keeping a conversation going, finding things to talk about and try to act interested in what the other person has to say.
- Bored easily.
- Can't make up my mind on what I want. I always end up getting rid of something I just bought.
- I always get the feeling everybody thinks I'm a nerd, loser, an uncool person, a weirdo.
- Always wanting to talk about me even though it makes me feel bad for the other person.
- Able to show some empathy. ( I mean, I can tell what emotion they are in. I just don't know what to say to them, or even seeing if I care. I can sometimes feel bad for them if I'm a good enough mood. It's really hard to tell for sure. )
- Frequent headaches. Eyes are sensitive to sunlight. I'm also ticklish. Picky eater. ( I can usually tell I wont like a food by its smell and afraid I won't like it.
- I twitch often. I can hear my own heartbeat when its time for me to go in front of a crowd or do something exciting ( feels me with major anxiety )
-  Always shaky, never able to stand still.
- Very irritable.
- Very imaginative.
- Expect to everything to go my way ( like I said before, selfish personality )
- I was abused, assaulted, and neglected in the past. Can't get past these memories.
- I'm worried about everything, causes mental pain in my head.
- Feel like a part of me is missing.
- Very organized
- When I touch a thing with one hand, I have the desire to touch it with the other.
- When I go one way, I got to go back the same way I went. ( Doesn't really bother me if I don't, just have the desire )
- Hate routines but have to do them anyway.
- Always feeling angry, alone, and hated when nobody is bothering to have a conversation with me.
- Seem to always seem to be seeking attention from others, even if it involves doing stupid, childish or desperate things.

This is all I can think at the top of my head right now... I know there is more but can't get them out yet. Just to let you all know, I'm also taking depression pills which seem to do nothing for me but remove my suicidal tendencies.
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- I always feel like I'm giving off negative energy. I feel as though my name alone is enough to get people to dislike me.
- I have a problem with lying. I can hardly ever tell the truth.
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- Little patience
- Very emotional inside, hard time showing it.
- Weak willed
- Low self esteem
- No self control
- Easily angered when yelled at
- Feeling confused all the time
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Much of what you've described is not consistent with Asperger's, but only a proper evaluation with a specialist in the field can provide certainty. If you are bothered by what you've described, I suggest seeing a mental health professional.
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It sounds more like ADD/ADHD.  Get a doctor to help you because mostly you sound like a very interesting and nice person who wants to have friends and a peaceful social life.  Good luck.
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