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Needing help regarding the sudden emergence of an ego-dystonic 'in...
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Needing help regarding the sudden emergence of an ego-dystonic 'interest'...


I am a 24 year old white Australian male and I have Asperger Syndrome; I was formally diagnosed when I was nineteen.  Though mild by general standards it can impair in some cases.

Anyhow, I need advice regarding an emerging ego-dystonic interest.  I am becoming strangely fascinated with things to do with totalitarianism, for example, North Korea.  I have had interests in things that were morally a bit grey before, but I am disturbed by this one, for obvious reasons (I despise that nation, or more correctly, its leadership).

Also I might note that my past year has, while uneventful in general, everything has been personally chaotic since I left a supported-accommodation unit in December last year (as of time of writing) and I have lacked structure in my life for a long time.  I would think maybe my mind is panicking for want of true structure and thus is throwing up a fringe-extreme example as distress, but that is just conjecture from my part.

I know this sounds like a troll post, and quite frankly, that's how I'd think if I saw an entry of this nature.  But I do need help.

Please note my area is Victoria, Australia.  I am a citizen of Australia and thus US-centric advice lines etc are of no use to me.
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