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Troublebeing diagnosed(Doctors can't tell)
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Troublebeing diagnosed(Doctors can't tell)


I'm a 21 year old male who's having trouble finding a label for what it is exactly that's wrong with me.

I saw a Doctor (Asperger specialist apparently) when I was 15yrs old whom I saw fortnightly for almost a year ended up unofficially diagnosing me as "borderline Aspergers".  

I saw a few other professionals who said a similar thing. I should also mention that Lots of foods seem to make me very sick and affect my mental symptoms drastically. Gluten/Casein and Lactose also make me incredibly sick (especially Gluten/Casein). red capsicum and tomatoes also make me sick.

I personally don't think it is aspergers but it is pretty severe, probably multiple things as I have a phenomenal amount of symptoms (self analysis), which are as follows


Poor social skills
Severe Anxiety/Depression
Disoriented feeling
Depersonalization ( I think)
Cloudy/fuzzy mental feeling
Constant zoning out/can't focus/pay attention (Brain fog makes this worse)
Short Term memory issues
Zero attention/instant memory loss (Forget a sentence half way through reading it, fuzzy/dumb feeling)
I feel different almost every day
Spaced out feeling
Numb/Weak feeling all over
Cant stand up for long until needing to sit down due to fatigue
Dry skin
Eczema on both inner wrists


Stool issues, Mostly yellow in colour sometimes black/look like tar or sometimes green. Always very small and close to diarrhea. Been like this every single day for the last 3 years.

Lots of gas
Weird feeling (Like nausea I guess)
Dry/Slimy mouth
Lot's of mucus
Saliva is less "wet" and more slimy (I have to drink 6 or so liters of water a day)
Acid Reflux after eating tomatoes/red capsicum, corn or avocado

Air get's trapped in my stomach, causes dry reaching and when I eventually vomit only air comes up and lots of it, it sounds like a giant belch. Sometimes I throw up an incredibly big amount of shiny like mucus.

When I went on a Gluten/Dairy free diet I noticed an incredible difference and my social skills picked up heaps, I'm nowhere near as bad as autistic/asperger kids but I'm still pretty bad and it does affect me daily. It's because my brain is so foggy and I can't follow anything, I lose track all the time even when I'm half way through saying something, it's all a blur to me. The other part is the incredibly bad anxiety which makes matters worse.

When I get very angry my social skills become sharp and I become extremely alert and focused socially.
A lot of people think I'm stupid until I get angry and they're surprised by the improvement of alertness/accuracy.
Why is this? All my impairing social problems seem to disappear when I'm angry,

There's a lot more symptoms I've forgotten now as there are so many.

Would anyone have any idea on what could be causing symptoms such as these?
Any opinion would be greatly appreciated, I'm only 21 and feel as though my life is already over, it would mean a lot to me if I found a starting point to improve these things.

Thank you,
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i was diagnosed with Asperger's when i was 50.  the symptoms sound very familiar except for the dry vomiting, stools, and gluten/lactose problem.  i wonder if that is even related to the asperger's.  i went on a medication for anxiety and depression......and it was then that i was able to overcome alot of the anxiety/depression.

i salivated all the time in social situations.  i was told this was due to intense anxiety.
the inability to focus and remember really hits home.  i forget whole conversations, my mind switches directions and focus almost constantly.  i have a great feeling of being apart.........this has not gotten much better over the years.  i feel much more comfortable in social situations, but (i don't know how to say this because it sounds so weird) sometimes i am overcome by a feeling that i do not even exist.

your diagnosis?  does it matter that much?  my doctor is making an educated guess, but while most of the symptoms fit, some do not.

you are young.  at your age i thought life may as well end.  it had become a miserable existence.  THAT CHANGED DRAMATICALLY!

i turned to alcohol.  it gave temporary relief, but ended up making things much worse.

it was interesting that you said when you were angry you had good social skills.  I have that same experience.  Also when I am lacking in sleep I can become very confident and socially adept.

i have a very good idea why i feel confused and dazed in some social situations.  in times of high anxiety the brain secretes a certain hormone.  this is similar to going into shock.  it is a means of 'getting through'  

hope this helped somewhat.  take care and i wish for you the best.

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Yah most of those nailed it. But the stomach issues. You probably have a food allergy as well. It took me many doctors to even come close to my diagnosis until last year. 20 years of tests and diagnosis. I just work on one thing at a time. Public speaking I took many classes on to get better at. I am finally working on social interations and emotions learning them.
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you might want to look into CFS  (chronic fatigue syndrome)
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I have Asperger's and Splenda gave me the symptoms you speak of secondary to what I believe was SIBO caused by Splenda.
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Alzheimer's is a known cause of poor social skills.

Black, tarry stools sometimes mean that you need to ask your doctor to arrange a test for hidden blood in them.

The change when you get angry suggests that it may be worthwhile getting a test for adrenal problems also.

The gas and infrequent stools suggest that you should ask your doctor if taking some type of fiber would be worthwhile.

No idea on what it all adds up to, only a few things that seem worth testing.
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I think my 43 year old son has Aspergers and I would like to find a support group in my area where I can get more info on it and how to help him if he does have it.  I realize that having him see a professional is the best way to be diagnosed but I don't think I could get him to do that.  I need some help so that he can be helped.  I live in Naples, FL but could travel to Fort Myers if I could find a group there.  Does anyone have any info on support groups for families?
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ok, some of these things are from aspergers and then some of these things are just from being a person. the whole casien and gluten thing you have going on is a red flag for aspergers, and a lot of the stuff you said, depression, anxiety, adhd stuff (spacing out, hyperactivitey,) is all incredibly common to coincide with aspergers. the reason you feel so sharp in social situations when your mad is because you arent thinking about how awquward you feel your just doing things. most of this crap is just that doctors dont understand that borderline aspergers is still ridiculsly imparing to your life. another thing that you probaley have is ocd, and no not like the cleaning stuff obsesivly, i mean obssesive thought that you are unable to stop. this ocd feeds all of these other problems you think you have because you read something and you think about it over and over and over and over. im no doctor but this basicly is what i am, and the most effective treatment is a stimulant medicine for the adhd, an antidepressent for the ocd, depression, and social anxiety, and possibly a behta blocker if you anxiety is incredibly severe (and i mean like you litteraly cant talk to people at all. i would also recomend avoiding artifical colors, no calorie sweeteners (sucralose, asparatime, splenda, ect), and crack cocaine. but i mean what is life without crack cocaine? dont worry about that on so much. basicly, the most important thing you can do is make sure you stay socialy active, pushing yourself enough so your just a little bit out of your comfort zone, and learning from you mistakes, not obssessing about them. seriusly. dont obsee about them. thats really bad. your gonna be fine, just realise that while labels arent everything and you shouldnt live by them, most likeley you have incredibly mild aspergers, moderate ocd, modereate to sever adhd, moderate to sever social anxiety, and moderate depression. so basicly your me. which is weird. but whatever. YOU WILL BE FINE.
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