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my son seem very diffrent to others
my son is ten now and hes always seemed diffrent to others. when he was young he would wear snything yellow and i bought him a yellow t shirt and hed flip and get angry everytime i put it on him ( he was only four) also he now chews his clothes and when he goes to tge toilet he doesnt wipe very well and stains his underpants( now i supervise him) or hed spend four hours there. he also gets very upset easily and starts to paddy. he gsts very upset if he loses
a game on computer.
is obssessed with reading science books and runs accross the roads eithout looking infront of cars.
holds his ears on rides and paddys and holds his ears when we walk passed a concert or something loud.
struggles to remember things for school eg pens books homework
always firgets to put on his tie(even if told 100s of times)
struggles to tie his laces.
is described by teachers as very smart. lazy and emotionally young.
hes bullied at school and cant seem to interact with others
plays with baby toys in the supermarkets and runs off in supermarkets all the time
no road sense.
spind around alot. last year he cut my cats whiskers off and when i told him off he looked at me blank.
gets upset often
very untidy and wgen i adk hin do his room i go upstairs and hes lied in bed reading a book and hes been up there for hours.
gets really angry at other kids when they do nothing wrong. seems to be closer to younger kids and tends to play with them.
pucks movies for younger children like for age four to watch. sometimes he can be horrible to people and when i ask him to apologise he thinks hes done no wrong and dont seem to understsnd why im asking him to apologise.
always hugs me every two minutes and asks do i love him even tho he knows i worship tge ground he walks on.
hes excellent at maths. science. history but dont seem interested in sports.art but i do try to encourage him in these things.
cannot write neat for his age but is a excellent speller snd reader.paddies like a four year old would if you take anything off himand hes very impatient.(cant wsit five mins without condtsntly asking if its time)
can anyone help pls ive been told by a friends who as two kids eith aspergers he seems to hsve traits of this.
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