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Plethora of health problems. Been seeing doctors, but problems persist....
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Plethora of health problems. Been seeing doctors, but problems persist. Advice?

2 years ago I started having lung and breathing problems, doctors said it was asthma. I started taking drugs and inhalers for it. Slowly, over the last 2 years, it seems to have gotten worse, along with a bunch of other symptoms which may or may not be related.
Everyday I feel sore, tired, weak. I get spells of dizziness, disorientation. I cant focus, my vision feels like its jumping. I have problems sleeping. I always have to clear my throat of gunk, I have constant heartburn. I cant sleep on my back, I feel like theres a lump in my throat. Just last night I woke up in the middle of the night gasping for air. Im always short of breath, throughout the day. I dont know if this is caused by asthma, or if I even have asthma, or if its something else.
I cant function, I dont even feel well enough to leave my house. I constantly go to the ER when I get a wash of these symptoms and I feel like I may faint, they say theres nothing they can really do since my vitals are fine. Ive seen 2 different lung doctors, have had CT scans, xrays, pulmonary function tests. They always come up pretty positive. My doctor thinks it could be anxiety, put me on paxil (I should note that this was recent, and these symptoms have been going on for far longer than that).
I dont know what the hell is going on. Im starting to get severely depressed because of the affect this is having on my life. I cant live like this. Im getting to the end of my rope. Does anyone have any advice for me? Im literally willing to try anything. Thanks.
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I am sorry to hear that you are having so many problems that could make it difficult to get through the day.

Given that you have seen two different lung doctors, there should be some certainty about whether you do or do not have asthma.  If you do have asthma, the first step would be for you to be receiving optimum therapy.  You might want to ask one or both of them how sure they are about the diagnosis of asthma and if possibly your breathing symptoms could be mostly anxiety or caused by yet another disease that can mimic asthma, such as Vocal Cord Dysfunction.  This condition can be associated with anxiety or what is called Panic Disorder.

You doctor may be on the right track in treating you for anxiety.  What you describe may not all be entirely attributable to anxiety but does suggest a component of anxiety, either spontaneous, or in response to one or more of your physical symptoms.

The best advice I can give is that you sit down with your doctor to seek his/her advice on what might be the next best step.  Your doctor is in the best position to assess your overall condition and provide well considered guidance for you in what is a most difficult situation for both of you.

Good luck
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