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Sinusitis and teeth pain
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Sinusitis and teeth pain

For the past 7 weeks I have been suffering with sinusitis, something I often get and indeed have before had pain
in my teeth from same due to pressure, however, now I'm getting worried, I have had pain over brows, in cheeks,
terrible pressure and pain in teeth and some ear pain.  I have had two courses of antibiotics, used flixonase and
the usual pain killers, all useless.  I have been referred for an x ray by my doctor but in the mean time I wait and
still have pain......... could it be related to my teeth this time....... why is it continuous this time.

I have also suffered from pains in my fingers and foot, these have eased off almost completely, thank God,
.... does anyone have any information about this or has anyone suffered in this or similar ways.

Any thoughts or help, greatly appreciated
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Whatever is causing your sinusitis is not responsive to antibiotics, at least to the antibiotics that have been prescribed.  That may be because the sinusitis has been infectious, but caused by an antibiotic resistant organism or because the sinusitis is inflammatory rather than an infection.  The cause of your teeth symptoms will have to be worked out by your doctors, possibly by an oral surgeon and/or an ENT specialist.  It is time for you to seek help beyond the care of your primary care physician.  You should not delay in arranging for that care.  X-rays of your sinuses will not suffice.  You should have a CT xcan of the sinuses and you may need further cultures including for fungi and a biopsy of the membranes of your sinuses.

You have been very patient, while suffering greatly and your concern is warranted.  You should speak to your doctor and request referral to an ENT specialist, for examination and aggressive diagnostic testing, without delay.  You may have to assert yourself.  What is happening is potentially very serious, given the proximity of the disease to vital structures, such as the brain and eyes, and time is of the essence.

Good luck.
Good Afternoon!

It sounds like your in alot of pain :( Well I know oral antibiotics dont work for everyone but you may wanna look into using a nebulizer. They actually have medications in a compounded form that you can actually nebulize into your sinus cavities that penetrate deeper into your sinus cavities. There are a couple different companies that you can google and look into. I think you need a prescription for them though. Try talking to your doctor about it.

I hope you feel better soon!

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