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Swollen Tonsil
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Swollen Tonsil

I'm 31 y/o female, nonsmoker, no alcohol.  I have this feeling in my throat that something is stuck or swollen.  I think I feel my right tonsil swollen and it seems to come and go, but for the most part it is swollen.  No sore throat.  I have had blood test done and methacoline challenge test done.  Blood work shows allergies and methacoline challenge test shows it could be vocal cord dysfunction.  I still have to see a allergist and speech therapist.  My question is does my swollen tonsil have anything to do with this?  I also had chest x-ray done and shows thoracic spine changes.  I went back to my lung doc. today and she told me that the last blood work I had done shows I have severe allergies to dust mites and mild allergies to dogs.  Is this what is causing my tonsil to be swollen? Can my throat close up on me and then I won't be able to breathe?  Anyone know what I might have?  I'm tired if feeling like I can't breathe right with my tonsil swollen. I'm afraid my throat is going to close up on me.
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Unilateral tonsilar swelling should be carefully evaluated.  Allergy would not be a likely cause with swelling of only one tonsil.  A tonsil may be the site of concretions, chronic infection, and tumors, both benign and malignant.  You would be wise to consult with an ENT specialist.  You may need to have x-rays, CT scanning and/or a biopsy of the enlarged tonsil.

Good luck.
I came upon your journal and although I cant offer you much help I thought I'd say something,
I know next to nothing about this type of thing but it does sound like your allergies may be effecting your throat.
As far as I know, your throat wont just close up without some acute problem causing it. If you have been in contact with dust mites and dogs and your throat hasnt closed, i would think that the kind of allergy you have wouldnt cause something that severe to happen.
But like I said, I know very little about allergies. Only what I have experienced myslef.
  I know that if your tonsils swell up enough it can cause you to feel like its hard to breath.  Allergies that cause that feeling and also if you start to get anxious about it you will start to feel like you cant breath and your throat is closing.
But if it really was, you would know it.  Its one of those things that if your able to speak cough or take a deep breath your throat isnt closing up.
But when it comes to feeling that you may be having a hard time breathing you should go to your DR no matter what the cause could be.
  It could be the allergies and they may be able to help it with an antihistimine or even asthma and they can help with that also.
But only your DR can tell you why.

I hope this helped a bit. I'm sure someone will have more info for you. I am mostly on the pain management and sometimes undiagnosed symptoms forum so I dont know much about allergies and asthma.

Hope you feel better sonn

First off if you have a persistent throat feeling of a swollen tonsil you need to be examined by a doctor for that specifically to rule out infection.

I had very bad swollen tonsils that were touching each other. I felt them but no real problems breathing. I could still breathe through my nose too just fine. If they are so big (bigger than quarters) then they can affect breathing but they have to really really swell up to do that, and usually you would be running a fever from an illness. However if you have a piece of food that gets stuck on or behind a swollen tonsil that feels terrible like it is swollen 5 times it's size. Of course I would recommend that your doctor looks at them and behind them for sure either way. Also if you scratch your tonsil with food or swab it will feel like it is either swollen or food stuck for a few days. My doctors love moving them around with swobs. Irritates them for about 2-3 days after.

What I can recommend and I can't see the harm is this. When I had swollen tonsils or just food stuck behind them the treatment was the same (with exception of antibiotics for infection) I had to gargle as long as I could with very warm water, the warmer the better. I mixed up a coffee cup about 8 oz with just very warm water with a level teaspoon of salt. Gargled that a few times a day. One of the things that really gets me is popcorn shells behind my tonsils.

For what ever reason they are swollen or feel swollen this should help. If it is of no help contact your doctor again. Too much salt will cause irritation and burning so if you feel that cut back on salt. Don't swollow. And if you gargle with out salt it doesn't really work too well.

I am not a doctor so lets see what the doc say on here. I would listen to them over me.

Also I have allergies that produce mucus in side my bronchials. It feels like something is there but more so pressure and mucus feeling. Lots of pressure in one spot. That's my allergy. I have never heard of a tonsil swelling up from allergies but I am no expert in that. Your throat can swell up and your bronchial can swell up. That can be asthma and or allergy. Mine does. I take antihistamine for it. And if that doesn't work I use my inhaler.

I don't know how much help any of this was, but the warm water and salt will help your tonsils if that is the case.
Thanks so much everyone for your advice and comments.  It feels good when you know someone is on the other end reading your problems.  I appreciate it so much.

I am a 28 year old female. Have been experiencing the same, tonsil swelling w/o pain (this is after months of chronic sinusitis that was not revealed until recently and lead to recurring bronchitis, tonsilitis and pneumonia) -- at first I felt like my throat was closing up and thoutht it was because of my allergies to dust, mold, pets, grass, trees, variety of foods as well as medications.

My ENT told me it would most likely be my left tonsil swells from time to time which could potentially be because of all the damage there's been done from past infections and scar tissue.

I have been also suffering from severe pain behind my sternum which at one point was diagnosed as pharingitis and esophagitis caused by GERD and therefore I thought my sensation of something being stuck or swollen might be particles of food that backed up to my esophagus and throat from my stomach. All those pains and discomfort are still unresolved and undiagnosed.  

I have been seeing all different doctors, ENT, GI, getting second opinions, taking different meds. -- nothing seems to be doing to trick.

Will try the warm water + salt -- that can't hurt, right?
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