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hey , trying to get a answer as to if this can cause asthma but go away when the sinus clears up,

i got a cold in oct 2008 went into asthma, they say i had the wheezing and had to use a rescue inhaler twice in jan 2009.

went had a ct scan of nose it says

there is significent mucosal opsacification of the ethmoid air cells ?
there is circumferential mucoperiosteal thickening of the right maxillary as well with nodular mucosal thickening bilaterally and there is hypertrophy of old nasal turbinates.
the sphenoid compartment demonstrates mucosal thickening ot the floor of the right lateral aspect of the sphenoid. could be obstruction of the right sphenoethmoidal recess.

there is moderate bilateral ethmoid sinusitis present.
there is mild circumferenyial mucoperiosteal thickening in both maxillary sinuses with bilateral omu pattern of obstruction but no air-fluid levels.
there is mild opacification in the floor and medial portion of the spheroid compartment with probable obstruction in the right sphenoethmoidal recess
ther is hypertrophy of the inferior and middle turbinates consistent with rhinitis
there is significant deviation of bony nasal septum with apical convexity to the right
limited evaluation of the brain and nasophyaryngeal soft tissues were unremarkable,

can you plz explain this to me, my dr just put me on cefuroxime 250 twice a day for 3 weeks,
will this cure this?

once it clears up will my asthma stuff go away and can this cause me to feel like i have asthma.

thank you so much for your time. Barbara
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Wheezing could have been a reflection of acute bronchitis or due to heretofore sub-clinical asthma.  Only time will tell if this was a one time event or the beginning of clinically chronic asthma.

The CT scan of your sinuses suggests that you have significant, multi-sinus sinusitis.  The prescription of cefuroxime is appropriate and may well clear-up your sinusitis.  The mention of obstruction in the report, however, implies poor drainage of the sinuses and, without good drainage it may be difficult to clear-up your sinusitis.  Routine use of a nasal steroid spray can be very effective at improving drainage.  It decreases inflammation in the nose and sinuses along with mucus production.  When a nasal steroid spray is used regularly it can facilitate clearing.  However it does not provide immediate relief of symptoms.  It may need to be used every day for several weeks to months to notice improvement in the symptoms.  To get the most help from any nasal spray first do a nasal wash to remove mucus from the nose and sinuses.  To learn more about this technique please read our nasal wash treatment information by copying and pasting this address

into the address window of your internet browser.  Share this information with your doctor to see if you would benefit from this daily treatment.

There is a strong correlation of active sinusitis and asthma and also with the response of asthma to therapy.  If you have asthma, it will be considerably improved with control of the sinusitis.

Good luck.
Dr can you tell me if the abopve would cause me to have ststoms of asthma or copd when it could just be from my sinus
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